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Last Girl Standing

Wimmens Comix’s own Goddess Trina Robbins, now approaching eighty, warned comics artists and readers a decade or two ago that she was preparing a memoir. Some of them—I should say some of us—wondered or even winced a little. She was … Continue reading


Windowpane 4

There are two kinds of one-man anthology comics. On one hand, you’ve got the “curate’s eggs”. Perfectly packaged, designed, and considered comic book gems (at least in theory), these ones show off a selection of the more flawlessly cut facets … Continue reading


Language Barrier

A collection of comics and art by Hannah K. Lee, an artist and cartoonist with a particular interest in typography. Continue reading



Art imitates life. Or does life imitate art? In comics, unfortunately, the answer is almost always “neither.” Here we all are smack in the middle of the most interesting times I’ve been alive for, but you sure wouldn’t know it … Continue reading


Pop Gun War: Chain Letter

Farel Dalrymple is treated as an eccentric within the mainstream comics industry. His most high-profile work within the realm of work-for-hire was illustrating Jonathan Lethem’s revival of Omega the Unknown for Marvel Comics. His style telegraphs traces of the 1970s … Continue reading



Climate change, when it’s not visible in a sweeping, violent fashion, can be difficult to perceive, more present for some people as a looming abstraction than a felt, measurable thing. This might be why, during the last two decades, few … Continue reading


The Third Remedy

The addressees (neatly hand-printed) in the center of the tiny envelope were Adele and I at our home in Berkeley. The addressor (also neatly hand-printed but tinier) was the cartoonist Chester Brown from his apartment in Toronto.  Inside was a … Continue reading



A collection of Dutch artist Michiel Budel’s one-of-a-kind Franzine series, with a few extra color comics as a bonus. Continue reading