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The Best We Could Do

Artist Thi Bui’s powerful and poignant graphic memoir is a family saga that probes her family’s history, including their escape from war-torn Vietnam to America in the late 1970’s, to their lives in the present day. Continue reading


Turkish Trilogy

Fortunately, laughing out loud – even talking loudly to yourself – is not frowned upon in Berkeley cafes. (Indeed, frowning upon someone, no matter how offensive and high-decibel his ravings, is so eschewed, you would think it would have frowners … Continue reading

Dick Tracy Colorful Cases of the 1930s

Dick Tracy: Colorful Cases of the 1930s

The stunning new collection from the esteemed Sunday Press, Dick Tracy: Colorful Cases of the 1930s, explores Gould’s first decade of four-color powder burn nightmares. Continue reading


Dick Tracy: Colorful Cases of the 1930s

Peter Maresca’s books celebrate what I call the art of looking. Their generous page size and crisp full-color presentation invite us to regard comics as more than a diversion—something to vacuum down in between checking Facebook and binge-watching Westworld. Via … Continue reading


Soft City

Pushwagner, born Terje Brofe, had an irregular life, preoccupied with bohemianism, we are told in the afterword of the book. Upon first reading Pushwagner’s Soft City, originally drawn between 1969 and 1975,  I am struck by the boundlessness of its … Continue reading


Spanish Fever

A new anthology dedicated to introducing a wide range of Spanish alternative cartoonists to American audiences. Continue reading


How to Survive in the North

In his autobiography, Chronicles: Volume One, Bob Dylan née Zimmerman writes about visiting the New York Public Library as a recent émigré to that city. While there he receives a vision: “the full complexity of human nature … the godawful … Continue reading


Soft City

In 1973, Terje Brofors, alias Hariton Pushwagner (b. 1940) sat in a window in Chelsea, London, drawing as if possessed. After several years living on the street, drawing for food and haunted by thoughts of suicide, he had found a … Continue reading