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Red Winter

In Annelli Furmark’s Red Winter, love is something that doesn’t merely exist in a vacuum shared by two people, but subtly adjusts the course of everyone even on the outskirts of the emotion. The pair in love are unlikely for … Continue reading



This is an English translation of a 2015 story by neo manga artist Yokoyama. An author’s afterword describes Iceland as a sequel to the creator’s earlier World Map Room, but this tense, terse text stands up fine on its own … Continue reading


VS #1

VS is the new Image series by Esad Ribic, Nic Klein, and Ivan Brandon. It takes place in the blurred borders between a first-person shooter and a reality show about war.  The first issue follows soldier/gamer Satta Flynn, as he recovers … Continue reading


Blue Teeth

The Iron Curtain still exists. To me anyway, it seems like Russia is still the world power that you have to go through the darkest mirror to see. Whether it’s the Russians Are Awesome youtube channel, the propaganda apparatus of … Continue reading


Awaiting the Collapse: Selected Works 1974-2014

In “Highwire”, the opening entry in Paul Kirchner’s new collection Awaiting the Collapse, a tightrope walker navigates the skyway of a busy metropolis. The walker’s magical high wire takes him over skyscrapers and into offices, dinner parties, supermarkets, and the … Continue reading


Is This Guy For Real?

Andy Kaufman was around for just long enough to ensure that people are going to be writing about him for a long time to come. There’s something sticky about his story in the mind, despite (or because of?) its brevity. Box … Continue reading


Crazy Quilt: Scraps & Panels on the Way to Gasoline Alley

Frank King became America’s master of quiet domestic drama on the daily comics page. His long-running Gasoline Alley told a sometimes melodramatic but generally gentle narrative in which his characters aged reasonably and passed through the phases of their lives. … Continue reading


Geis II: A Game Without Rules

My mental image of the American West has the texture of 1970s film grain seen in spaghetti westerns. I justify this instinctive deferral to technological contrivance by believing that the dirt and sand of the desert find a home in … Continue reading