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Holy Hannah

For the past three days, friends of mine have been visiting from New York City. Together with my partner Lane we’ve been to an art exhibit, a Bernie Sanders rally and a death metal show. We’ve eaten all of our … Continue reading


Masters of British Comic Art

There was a time when no country appreciated its comic artists and creators less than Britain, which would represent victory in a crowded field. This opinion could easily have appeared in the text pages of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, … Continue reading


Churchill: A Graphic Biography

Comics are a great medium for biography. They’re nimble, with pacing that allows them to discourage dryness by gracefully eliding some of the more boring parts of a great person’s life, and their presentation facilitates showing instead of telling. They’re … Continue reading


Second Coming

In 1989, DC Comics decided to kill the Rick Veitch-written Swamp Thing #88 at the last minute, despite the book having already been penciled and lettered. The problem? The title character had been traveling through time, and in this particular … Continue reading


Procyon II

What a strange little comic book this is. Threatening and abstruse, Karissa Sakumoto’s tale of paranoid flight through a retro-futuristic metropolis evokes a very specific set of influences whose popularity has improbably crested over the past decade: Heavy Metal, 2000AD, and the dark, … Continue reading


Spring Rain

A few years after the events that begin Andy Warner’s excellent new graphic novel, Spring Rain, and a year before the events that take place at its conclusion, I went to see a psychologist for the first time. I had … Continue reading


Flop Sweat #1

The first installment of this unflinching look at its creator’s hardscrabble upbringing in a small Minnesotan town in the 1980’s. Continue reading


Portrait Of A Drunk

Good sentiments make bad literature, says Zola, and if he’s right, Portrait of a Drunk is very good literature, bereft as it is of anything remotely resembling a good sentiment. Things start bad, get worse, take a few detours towards … Continue reading