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Climate change, when it’s not visible in a sweeping, violent fashion, can be difficult to perceive, more present for some people as a looming abstraction than a felt, measurable thing. This might be why, during the last two decades, few … Continue reading


The Third Remedy

The addressees (neatly hand-printed) in the center of the tiny envelope were Adele and I at our home in Berkeley. The addressor (also neatly hand-printed but tinier) was the cartoonist Chester Brown from his apartment in Toronto.  Inside was a … Continue reading



A collection of Dutch artist Michiel Budel’s one-of-a-kind Franzine series, with a few extra color comics as a bonus. Continue reading


Pope Hats #5

The saga of best friends and polar opposites Frances and Vicki comes to an end in a double-sized issue of Pope Hats, Ethan Rilly’s catch-all, one-man anthology series. Unlike previous issues, which featured multiple stories, this one is entirely devoted … Continue reading


Belgian Lace from Hell: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 3

Belgian Lace From Hell, the third and final volume of Patrick Rosenkranz’s “The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson,” has landed. Rosenkranz is our leading historian of underground comics. His Pirates in the Heartland (Fantagraphics. 2014),[1] took Wilson from his birth … Continue reading


Paper Pencil Life #5

The latest collection of stories, diary comics and drawings from Summer Pierre. Continue reading


In-Between Days

Prior to reviewing Teva Harrison’s cancer memoir, In-Between Days, I want to provide a bit of context. Both of my parents died from cancer. I have worked in a cancer center for the last 28 years, not usually directly with … Continue reading


Manga in Theory and Practice

I was initially drawn to the Japanese edition of Hirohiko Araki’s Manga in Theory and Practice because of the two dudes looking like they were about to kiss, on the cover. They looked like sophomore versions of the Joestar family … Continue reading