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All Summer Long

Hope Larson has been quite prolific over the past two years: two volumes of a graphic novel trilogy called Four Points, twelve issues of Goldie Vance for Boom! Studios and a monthly Batgirl comic for DC. All of these have … Continue reading


Love That Bunch

This expanded and revamped edition of the original 1990 book offers a generous overview of Kominsky-Crumb’s groundbreaking autobiographical comics, originally published in titles ranging from Twisted Sisters to Weirdo to The New Yorker. Continue reading


Street Angel Goes to Juvie

Before I started the latest entry in Jim Rugg’s Street Angel saga, it flashed on my just how long the book has been around in some form or another. Rare indeed is the still-relevant creator that can lay claim to … Continue reading


All the Answers

All the Answers documents Michael Kupperman’s efforts to learn more about the years his father, Joel Kupperman, spent as a child performer on Quiz Kids, first a radio game show and later an early television program. Throughout the book, he … Continue reading


X-Men: Grand Design

In 2011, Ed Piskor created a webcomic for boingboing called Brain Rot in which he compared hip hop to comic books. In hindsight, that strip represents a pivotal moment in his career, foreshadowing both his Hip Hop Family Tree series, … Continue reading


The Dragon Slayer

There’s no question that Françoise Mouly’s publishing company, Toon Books, has had a direct hand in revolutionizing the children’s book market. It has done so partly just by being successful: In addition to earning over eighty awards and nominations, the … Continue reading


3 Floyds: Alpha King

Here’s a disclaimer that might make you question whether or not you can ever again trust anything I say: I really don’t drink a lot. I’m not a teetotaler, I don’t mind getting tipsy every now and again, but I … Continue reading


Von Spatz

Let me attempt to begin with a joke. So Walt Disney, Saul Steinberg, and Tomi Ungerer walk into an insane asylum. No wait, I’m telling it wrong. Walt Disney walks into his therapist’s office. The therapist says, “Why the long … Continue reading