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Ed Leffingwell’s Little Joe: the Sunday Comics

We’ve had almost 30 years of Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie reprinted. It remains Gray’s masterwork, but it wasn’t his sole comic strip. Though it also began with “Little” and had a red-headed child protagonist, Little Joe, which came to … Continue reading


The Drifting Classroom: Perfect Edition, Vol. 2

There are always going to be too many words that I could say about The Drifting Classroom, and in this, the second of three planned omnibus reprints, there is far greater a wealth of deep and disturbing wonder to ponder … Continue reading


Fire On The Water

The world revolves around labor. We keep being taught this lesson, but a century and a half after someone explained the fairly obvious fact that the only real division between people is that division between those who own capital and … Continue reading



I have to admit, this is exactly the sort of work that gives me a crisis of confidence regarding what the purpose of reviewing even is. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s good. Frank Santoro’s Pittsburgh is a poetic … Continue reading


The Labyrinth: An Existential Odyssey with Jean-Paul Sartre

Would you like, reader, to have a profound and meaningful conversations about the utility and value of existentialism, the cheerily nihilistic philosophy for which we have to thank postwar French genius Jean-Paul Sartre? Sorry, we don’t do that sort of … Continue reading


The Artist: Circle Of Life

Above a morose caption, “I always thought I was someone special,” three simple elements—an orange triangle, a black circle within a marginally larger white circle, and a yellow circle—float within the white void of a panel, evoking a minor excision … Continue reading


The Swamp (The Complete Mature Works of Yoshiharu Tsuge Volume 1)

In which the Japanese comics master steadies himself, falls, and comes slowly to his feet. Continue reading


Holy Hannah

For the past three days, friends of mine have been visiting from New York City. Together with my partner Lane we’ve been to an art exhibit, a Bernie Sanders rally and a death metal show. We’ve eaten all of our … Continue reading