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Paper Girls: Book One

Those of us who stuck through six seasons of Lost –which Vaughan had his hands in– would like to know how long we’ll need to stick with Paper Girls before we start getting some questions resolved. Continue reading



How do we portray violent behavior and the way it is formed in comics, whose entire existence for the last century or so has depended on violence as a crucial part of its storytelling language, and even in their more adventurous experiments of late, have run the portrayals of serial killers and lonely brutes so far into the ground they’ve formed their own artistic substratum? Continue reading



Some frustrations are universal. Banging your head against a wall means banging your head against a wall, even if beyond that wall you’ll find various supernatural entities. These are the circumstances of Emily Zegas, 25, and her 30-year-old brother, Boston. … Continue reading


Sugar Town

The other day I asked a friend how it was possible to love more than one person. One of the differences between the person I used to be and the person I am now is that I didn’t used to … Continue reading


I’m Not Here

Canadian artist gg might have the most consistent and unified aesthetic of any comics artist working today. Her clean, snowy drawings and lonely stories bleed out into all aspects of her online presence – from an impeccably curated instagram profile … Continue reading


Morton: A Cross-Country Rail Journey

It’s pretty wild to remember that we have a foreign country right to the north of the United States! That’s only a little bit of a joke, given the familiarity of various Canadian metropolitan locations to television audiences the world … Continue reading


Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories

Hey, wanna hear a scary story? The internet has transformed the impulse for expressing affection into a dehumanizing and monetizable force! Well, I didn’t say it was going to be a new story… it’s like Dracula. You’ve heard it before. … Continue reading


Rumble #1

John Arcudi’s Rumble returns with a new artist, David Rubin, a new #1 on the cover, and a new direction for the series. Arcudi uses this new #1 to fill in latecomers like me on the labyrinthine history of the … Continue reading