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The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories

Marguerite Dabaie’s The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories unfolds the serious and often stigmatic experience of being an Arab-American. This collection of short comics has been ten years in the making. Dabaie first self-published several of these stories because … Continue reading


NOW #3

The one thing Now is best at is showing exactly how much the comics canon has been blown open in the last ten years. Continue reading


Hasib & The Queen of Serpents

The result is something that reflects a stylized version of age of the stories without indulging in stereotype or essentialist fantasy. Continue reading


Soviet Daughter

The subject of Julia Alekseyeva’s biographical comic Soviet Daughter, her great-grandmother Lola, left her life savings to her great-granddaughter. However, Alekseyeva’s real inheritance was Lola’s memoir, which she instructed her family not to read until she died. Khinya “Lola” Ignatovskaya … Continue reading



If Alex Graham’s Angloid is not even semi-autobiographical, I am probably being straight-up rude for assuming it is. The protagonist drinks too much, smells bad, and propositions much older men only to then face the further indignity of being laughed … Continue reading


Super Late Bloomer

The first of Kaye’s book-length publications, it is a bound collection of select strips from her acclaimed web comic Up and Out. Though the web comic began as a run-of-the-mill gag strip, Up and Out transformed alongside Kaye herself into an autobiographical comic documenting her personal life as a transgender woman. Continue reading


Mr. Wolf’s Class

This graphic novel for young readers details the adventures of the fourth grade teacher Mr. Wolf and his students on their first day at school. Continue reading


Be Prepared

It may be listed as being for Middle Grade and Young Teens, but Be Prepared will hit home more with any adult who ever felt out of place growing up, that is to say, most of us. Continue reading