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Permanent Press

Luke Healy’s Permanent Press is a book so meta (and so self-deprecatory) that I almost expected it to disappear after I read it. Ostensibly, it’s a volume that collects two longish stories from Healy, “The Unofficial Cuckoo’s Nest Study Companion” … Continue reading


On A Sunbeam

I think the book, drawn quickly and then lightly edited for print, could have been tightened up. But as a graphic novel, it’s still a fun read and a crazy-impressive testament to one young auteur’s creativity and work ethic. Continue reading



Infidel will disturb you, but it’s may also send you out with a newfound sense of faith in humanity. Continue reading


Passing For Human

Passing for Human does not stoop to simplify for the sake of anyone unwilling to accept Finck’s ruthlessly narrative on its own terms. Continue reading


Grip Vol. 1

Pure comics power in the palm of your hand. Continue reading


The Whistling Factory

I can’t quite claim to have figured these comics out—at least, not in the sense where I would be expected to account for all the details of the comic. I’m not convinced such an account is possible. The book is defined by its pockmarked discontinuities and disturbances, its absences, avoidances, and alienations. It is a book where something isn’t quite right, where things cannot be made whole. Continue reading


Mini kuš! #’s 67-70

The latest quartet of mini-comics from the celebrated Latvian publisher. Continue reading


The Prince

It’s a tricky thing, modernizing or adapting a time-honored fable : everybody (presumably, at any rate) already knows the outcome, to be certain, as well as most of the steps it will take to arrive there, so any value you … Continue reading