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Single mother May and her preteen son Eugene are part of a large and mysterious criminal organization that committed a historic heist: Fifty-two separate robberies committed at the exact same time in the exact same town, overwhelming and bewildering law … Continue reading


Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home

There is no exact English equivalent for the German word heimat. Though typically translated as “home” or “homeland,” the original German possesses emotional nuances these words never fully replicate. In heimat, everything is in order; one exists in right orientation … Continue reading


Mort Cinder

Breccia’s treatments of the peculiar wonders Oesterheld’s stories offer up remain the big attraction – the “vitrified, glassy walls” of the Tower of Babel approach Abstract Expressionism, and his idiosyncratic inkwork finds an ideal subject amongst the tombs and ruins of ancient Egypt – but Oesterheld’s best plots have legitimate momentum, a force behind them built up less by velocity than weight. Continue reading



Kelsey Wroten’s debut graphic novella pierced my queer heart with its classic will-they-or-won’t-they gay story. Crimes follows the creative and romantic exploits of Willa, a 30-year-old gay painter and barista, who has a crush on Bas, a 22-year-old poet who’s … Continue reading


The Cranklet’s Chronicle

Telling the stories of these women in baseball isn’t just an exercise; it’s about unconditionally loving something that doesn’t always acknowledge your existence. Continue reading


Frontier #17: “Mother’s Walk”

This book is a rare gem. Treasure it. Continue reading


The Best American Comics 2018

A bizarre combination of being opinionated, and being averse to one of the most fundamental aspects of artfulness: persuasion. Continue reading


It Will Be Hard

Cartoonist and writer Hien Pham wants It Will Be Hard to be many things: a story about queerness, sex positivity, gray asexuality, polyamory, people of color, body image, love and relationships; it’s also a comic and an interactive choose-your-own-adventure, sort … Continue reading