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It feels a lot like the hinge on which Yokoyama’s choice of subject matter pivoted, a valuable and heretofore missing piece in his career narrative and also a terrific read.  Continue reading


FTL, Y’ALL: Tales from the Age of the $200 Warp Drive

“It’s a weird time in the history of the republic” is a phrase I keep writing because dammit it just keeps being true. It’s a claustrophobic time. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to get out of the old neighborhood? That’s … Continue reading


Grave Horticulture #1

I remember when that Grant Morrison/JG Jones Final Crisis series started coming out from DC; and how, especially at the beginning, it was this wall of things happening with characters you barely remembered. It was, in the spirit of most … Continue reading


Thimble Theatre: The Pre-Popeye Comics of E.C. Segar

Christmas came early with the welcome arrival of this new tome from Peter Maresca’s Sunday Press, an important and joyous addition to the comics canon. One of comics’ greatest storytellers, Elzie Crisler Segar created a thoroughly American icon with the … Continue reading



Thierry Smolderen and Jean-Philippe Bramanti’s McCay suffers no shortage of ambition. The book purports to be a life, of sorts, of Winsor McCay – the “of sorts” being the operative phrase here, as incidents and themes from McCay’s life are … Continue reading



Ritual, for whatever reason, is an important aspect of human existence — something that religion figured out a long time ago, certainly, but it’s not like that institution is alone: schools, factories, offices, even voluntary social groupings all rely on … Continue reading


Dementia 21

For a mangaka whose work has just begun edging into official English translation, Shintaro Kago is in the rare and enviable position of needing little introduction. If you’re reading about comics on the internet (you are), you’ve probably seen his … Continue reading



Single mother May and her preteen son Eugene are part of a large and mysterious criminal organization that committed a historic heist: Fifty-two separate robberies committed at the exact same time in the exact same town, overwhelming and bewildering law … Continue reading