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In this adaptation we get another side of Ito’s post-Lovecraftian thinking, the willingness of people to contort themselves along a grotesque arithmetic that we can comprehend but defies understanding. Continue reading


My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

Affected hopelessness for shits and giggles just ain’t doing it for me in 2018, but then, it rarely has. Continue reading


Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics

“In 1996, several new Latinos were born—and reborn,” Frederick Luis Aldama writes in the first chapter of Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics. “DC’s Chuck Dixon (writer) and Robert Campanella (artist) give the Green Lantern a Latino makeover with Kyle Rayner’s … Continue reading


Roly Poly

Ours is a culture that is both deeply sexist and increasingly shallow, where a widely-held prejudice assumes any woman of a certain level of attractiveness to be the most shallow of all. Impressively stylish yet bereft of meaning, Daniel Semana’s … Continue reading



While I wouldn’t call Garlandia a masterful piece of storytelling, Mattotti has total control over his medium, and it’s his careful attention to visual world-building that makes it an artistic triumph worthy of experiencing. Continue reading


That Night A Monster

That Night A Monster is a loving portrayal of the emotional vagaries of childhood: how quickly the comfort of home and family can turn alien and threatening, and how quickly it can change back. Continue reading


Bald Knobber

The sense of rigid claustrophobia emanating from shabby circumstances saturated with ambient violence seems very much of the moment, and the current moment perhaps closer to the circumstances of the original Bald Knobbers than we’d care to comment.  Continue reading


Slum Wolf

Shaded faces are a fixture of Tadao Tsuge’s Slum Wolf. From the collection’s opening piece, “Sentimental Melody”, and throughout the book, figures come into view with their features obscured. “Melody” begins with a man visiting a sex worker; Tadao shows … Continue reading