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Sheets is a fairly standard YA coming of age story, which combines realism and fantasy deftly, if somewhat predictably. Continue reading


Love Letters to Jane’s World

The theme of the book is celebratory and warm, showcasing the strip’s breadth across multiple decades and formats while also congratulating Braddock for her run. Continue reading



For a book with the decadence, the visual languor that Poochytown boasts, the momentum that Woodring musters by casually unrolling wonders and oddities is perhaps the oddest thing on display. Like all the best comics, it’s easier to read than it is not to. Continue reading


Coyote Doggirl

Meet Coyote Doggirl (CD). Half dog, half coyote, all attitude, CD not only marches to the beat of her own drum, but she probably made the drum herself from an animal she personally hunted and skinned. Continue reading


Spain, Volume 1: Street Fighting Men

Spain Rodriguez was a living legend in multiple ways that may very well grow more difficult to understand with the passing years since his death in 2012. For one thing, now little recalled outside of his adopted zone of activity, … Continue reading


The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories

Marguerite Dabaie’s The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories unfolds the serious and often stigmatic experience of being an Arab-American. This collection of short comics has been ten years in the making. Dabaie first self-published several of these stories because … Continue reading


NOW #3

The one thing Now is best at is showing exactly how much the comics canon has been blown open in the last ten years. Continue reading


Hasib & The Queen of Serpents

The result is something that reflects a stylized version of age of the stories without indulging in stereotype or essentialist fantasy. Continue reading