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Dokudami Tenement Volume Three : Confessions Of A Transgender (Killing Me Softly)

As a general rule of thumb, Manga doesn’t concern itself with issues pertaining to working-class or poor people all that often, but one of the notable exceptions to that rule was the late Takashi Fukutani’s long-running Dokudami Tenement, which was … Continue reading



The most interesting thing about Tinderella is its sudden and sharp shift in tone about two thirds of the way through. Prior to that moment, the book appeared to be an entertaining if rather familiar look at the trials and … Continue reading


Part of It: Comics and Confessions

Autobio comics trick you into having empathy. When we read comics, we articulate voices and imagine their utterance, and on some level I think we convince ourselves we understand the emergence of thoughts and feelings onto the page. In autobio, … Continue reading


The Mouse Glass

For Germany’s leading cartoonist Anna Haifisch the fluorescent honeymoon between To Live and Die in L.A. and Miami Vice is definitely over. Her latest release The Mouse Glass is implementing a further decisive step in her constantly evolving chromatic ideology. … Continue reading


Hieronymus & Bosch

Paul Kirchner’s Hieronymus & Bosch collects over eighty comic strips that riff on the afterlife of a “shameless ne’er-do-well named Hieronymus” and his faithful wooden toy duck, Bosch. The hapless pair are trapped in Hell, the primary setting for most of … Continue reading


Bloodstrike: Brutalists

I hesitated when offered the chance to review Michel Fiffe’s Bloodstrike: Brutalists. For one, I worried my lack of familiarity with the finer points of the original Bloodstrike’s continuity left me unqualified to comment on how well ties together loose … Continue reading


Street Angel Vs Ninjatech

Since reviving Street Angel in 2017, Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca have used the series of one-offs to mess around with storytelling on every level, frequently switching styles and genres, chasing ideas down alleys and into gutters, and packing a … Continue reading


Marilyn’s Monsters

Myths are a great temptation for any storyteller. Who wouldn’t want to play around with cultural icons and archetypes, with names and images that resonate before you’ve even finished saying “Once upon a time…”? But myths pose a great danger … Continue reading