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Giraffes On Horseback Salad

Subtitled Salvador Dali, The Marx Brothers and The Strangest Movie Never Made, Josh Frank and company’s Giraffes On Horseback Salad has an irresistible real-world  premise. In 1937, mutual admirers of one another’s work Salvador Dali and Harpo Marx met with … Continue reading


Worn Tuff Elbow #2

A 15-year gap between issues? This might be a world record. But a new infusion of comics by Marc Bell is a gift to us all. In the interim, Bell has released the graphic novella Stroppy, two anthologies of various … Continue reading


Ink & Anguish: A Jay Lynch Anthology

Jay Lynch is the underdog of the first wave of American underground cartoonists. Had he been born 30 years earlier—or later—fame and fortune might have been his as a comic artist. Lynch went through much personal struggle to stay afloat, … Continue reading


Little Bird

There’s plenty to like about this new dystopian-future monthly from Image. Pick up a copy and it’s easy to figure out where to start: artist Ian Bertram, whom I last encountered as a highly impressive but slightly miscast bit player … Continue reading


Blossoms in Autumn

A romance blossoms between two lonely senior citizens in this collaboration between Belgian writer Zidrou and Dutch artist Aimée de Jongh. Continue reading



Not much happens in Jon McNaught’s latest graphic novel Kingdom. A mother takes her son and daughter to Kingdom Fields Holiday Park, a vacation lodge on the British coast. There, they watch television, go to a run-down museum, play on the beach, … Continue reading


Proxima Centauri, Vol 1

Farel Dalrymple occupies a curious place in contemporary comics. Anyone who’s heard of him tends to praise his work quite lavishly, and with good reason; but he’s neither so decorated nor so ubiquitous that he’s a household name, so there’s … Continue reading


Neon Future #1

Neon Future uses ambition and cloying vanity to paper over a vapid, derivative and insipid story. What merits it possesses function as a quasi-Turing test of its reader’s credibility, viz. heart-on-sleeve devotion to 1990s comics and the imitative sci-fi that … Continue reading