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Not much happens in Jon McNaught’s latest graphic novel Kingdom. A mother takes her son and daughter to Kingdom Fields Holiday Park, a vacation lodge on the British coast. There, they watch television, go to a run-down museum, play on the beach, … Continue reading


Proxima Centauri, Vol 1

Farel Dalrymple occupies a curious place in contemporary comics. Anyone who’s heard of him tends to praise his work quite lavishly, and with good reason; but he’s neither so decorated nor so ubiquitous that he’s a household name, so there’s … Continue reading


Neon Future #1

Neon Future uses ambition and cloying vanity to paper over a vapid, derivative and insipid story. What merits it possesses function as a quasi-Turing test of its reader’s credibility, viz. heart-on-sleeve devotion to 1990s comics and the imitative sci-fi that … Continue reading


Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake

Liz Suburbia’s anthology comic Cyanide Milkshake is a mix of ’80s alternative comics variety and ’90s DIY punk ethos. She effortlessly blends romance, fantasy, rock, feminism, punk, autobio, dogs, and superhero gags into a surprisingly coherent package, held together by … Continue reading


The Unknown Anti-War Comics

Slightly more than three dozen Charlton anti-war comics stories from mid-1950s and 1960s are collected here, beginning with four tales from Never Again Nos. 1 and 8, the first anti-war comic (which appeared in only two non=chronologically numbered issues). The … Continue reading


In Christ There Is No East or West

Have you ever felt spiritually lost? Not necessarily “looking for answers,” the sort of weakness psychics and Scientologists prey upon, but generally adrift and numb, on autopilot the way one is when very tired. Recently I felt this way for … Continue reading


James Warren, Empire of Monsters: The Man Behind Creepy, Vampirella, and Famous Monsters

This is an ambitious book about a figure hardly known outside of the world of pulps, arriving too late for the golden or even silver age of that vast trove of popular entertainment—but not quite too late to make a … Continue reading


The Perineum Technique

French cartooning team Ruppert & Mulot (whose mamas named them Florent and Jerome) are tough to put a label on. Setting aside the fact that “their creative partnership has grown so organically as to obscure the individual contribution of the … Continue reading