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Is This How You See Me?

Can you ever really go home again? This is the central question of Jaime Hernandez’s Is This How You See Me? Collecting serialized comics from the past five years into a cohesive graphic novel, Is This How You See Me? is … Continue reading


Cemetery Beach

When you read tweets about “exposition!” in reference to some tv show or movie that’s enormously popular and that everyone on the planet feels the need to weigh in on… well, there’s a reason that those massive properties have scenes … Continue reading


Terrible Means

I feel somewhat guilty writing a lukewarm review of Terrible Means, and I’ve been trying to understand why. It is after all a professional, purchase-able comic, so to have an attack of taste or conscience on this front runs a … Continue reading


Drawn to Berlin

Drawn to Berlin is Ali Fitzgerald’s first book-length comic. As a drawing instructor at one of Berlin’s bubble shelters during the height of the 2015 European refugee crisis, the social power of images is one of her central concerns. From … Continue reading


The Replacer

The Replacer is a comic book – or as Aftershock’s bureau of public relation affairs calls it, a “64-Page Graphic Novella” – that deeply immerses the reader into the daily affairs evolving around a medical patient’s history proceeding from a … Continue reading


I, René Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIB Vol. 2: My Return Home

One of this year’s best graphic novels is this second volume adapting the memoirs of René Tardi, who kept copious notes of his capture and internment by German soldiers during the Second World War. The elder Tardi’s notes, sketches, and … Continue reading


Gender Queer

Something about being non-binary which you might not really get unless you are, in fact, also non-binary: there’s not just one way to be non-binary, but as many different ways to be non-binary as there are non-binary people. Other than … Continue reading


Comics: Easy As ABC!

Reading was a constant struggle for me during elementary school, due to dyslexia. The one thing that saved me was drawing. I loved to draw and I loved comics. Every Sunday I would try to read the comics section of … Continue reading