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Stig & Tilde: Vanisher’s Island

I’d only read one other book by Max de Radiguès (Bastard, which was published in 2017 in French and in 2018, by Fantagraphics, in English) before I picked up Stig & Tilde: Vanisher’s Island. Bastard is a Tarantino-style story of … Continue reading


Heart of Darkness

Sometimes the film adaptation of a novel so outshines its source material that the original work is left in the shadows.  Since 1979, Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (and its subsequent re-edits) has soaked up so much spotlight that its … Continue reading



It’s been simultaneously amusing and infuriating to watch as a certain strand of critic grapples with the ascendance of horror fiction across all media by offering justifications as to why only now, in this moment, is it finally possible to … Continue reading


The Poe Clan, Vol. 1

Thunderstruck silhouettes of beautiful young men weeping, leaping, languishing, caught in the wind of stormy melodrama, uttering tearful declarations with a slender weight you could sink under. Sappy poems drifting over flowery spreads, time stopping and rushing all at once. … Continue reading


Me, Mikko, and Annikki

In an era when institutional memory is being lost at an alarming rate, one of the greatest services that art can serve is to help us remember.  Especially in America, where we can barely remember what happened during the last … Continue reading


Hilda and the Mountain King

It would be fair to wonder if, with the advent of the Hilda Netflix series, Luke Pearson might lose a step, stretched thin among projects (less than half the episodes are adapted from the books), but no. Hilda and the … Continue reading


The Immersion Program

Temperament likely dictates your reaction to dream stories. Someone with a rich and rewarding dream life may find them fascinating and meaningful – people with silly or strange dreams may find little purchase. The dreams in fiction so rarely resemble … Continue reading


Return To Romance

Although I am an avid lover of humor, sci-fi and horror comics, I had not delved into romance until recently (smut, its transgressive step-sibling, is another matter, and a topic for a different day.) Tasked with drawing a weird love … Continue reading