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In Stigmata, the portrayal of the main character is so sophisticated that it defies us to size him up. Continue reading


Paying for It

On sex, objectification, and commodities. Continue reading


Habitat #2

Dunja Jankovic’s comics are immersive to the point where the reader might feel that they are drowning. She is one of my favorites. Continue reading



For those of us who got fed up a long time ago with misanthropic, self-pitying comics about unappreciated cartoonists, the first few pages of Joe Ollmann’s Mid-Life don’t seem promising. Here’s liver-spotted, pot-bellied, deeply scowling John Olsen—Ollmann’s “semi-fictitious” surrogate and protagonist, … Continue reading


The Weird World of Eerie Publications

In 1954 the Comics Code wiped out classic titles like Tales from the Crypt, but Myron Fass’s company, Eerie, dodged the censors by using glossy paper and distributing horror comics as “magazines.” Mike Howlett has written an exhaustive history of … Continue reading


Mister Wonderful

Sean Rogers considers the life of the hapless megalomaniac in this comprehensive review of Daniel Clowes’s latest. Continue reading


Blammo #7

Van Sciver seems to be trying every approach he can think of, in an effort to see what sticks. Continue reading


The Comics

Good pictures and some hoary old anecdotes are the meat of the update of the long out-of-print 1970s history book. Continue reading