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All Nighter #1

A punk-girl five-parter from the collapsed DC Comics imprint Minx finally sees print. Continue reading


Sundays 4 (Forever Changes)

The Sundays editors have reproduced the Kramer’s Ergot model in terms of springing new and interesting work on the comics world in a single volume. Continue reading


It Is Almost That

This large, 300-page volume is packed full of such a lively variety of work that owning it is an almost piggish pleasure. Continue reading



Lucille is an above-average version of the classic “troubled teens on the run” story. Continue reading


Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900-1915

A revelatory anthology. Continue reading


Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

This semi-autobiographical WWII novel is a compelling work by a major cartoonist woefully underrepresented in English. Continue reading


The Next Day

By its very nature, as both a work of art and a piece of inspirational literature based on the lives of four survivors of suicide attempts, The Next Day walks a fine line. Continue reading


Madman All-New Giant Size Super Ginchy Special

Madman might be in a rut. Continue reading