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Mort Cinder

Breccia’s treatments of the peculiar wonders Oesterheld’s stories offer up remain the big attraction – the “vitrified, glassy walls” of the Tower of Babel approach Abstract Expressionism, and his idiosyncratic inkwork finds an ideal subject amongst the tombs and ruins of ancient Egypt – but Oesterheld’s best plots have legitimate momentum, a force behind them built up less by velocity than weight. Continue reading



Kelsey Wroten’s debut graphic novella pierced my queer heart with its classic will-they-or-won’t-they gay story. Crimes follows the creative and romantic exploits of Willa, a 30-year-old gay painter and barista, who has a crush on Bas, a 22-year-old poet who’s … Continue reading


The Cranklet’s Chronicle

Telling the stories of these women in baseball isn’t just an exercise; it’s about unconditionally loving something that doesn’t always acknowledge your existence. Continue reading


Frontier #17: “Mother’s Walk”

This book is a rare gem. Treasure it. Continue reading


The Best American Comics 2018

A bizarre combination of being opinionated, and being averse to one of the most fundamental aspects of artfulness: persuasion. Continue reading


It Will Be Hard

Cartoonist and writer Hien Pham wants It Will Be Hard to be many things: a story about queerness, sex positivity, gray asexuality, polyamory, people of color, body image, love and relationships; it’s also a comic and an interactive choose-your-own-adventure, sort … Continue reading


The Ghost Script

The Ghost Script, and the trilogy it caps off, is a fine celebration of those inspirations and influences, and likely to be a source of inspiration and influences for other writers, artists and writer/artists in the future. Continue reading


Amnesia: The Lost Films of Francis D. Longfellow #1

The valley between art and audience that the comics medium traverses is far less uncanny than the one facing animation. Before the terrain was road-graded by computers at least, cartoons could carry an unnerving vibe, the forms and movements so … Continue reading