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I Will Bite You

Reading I Will Bite You makes me think that Joseph Lambert’s best work is ahead of him. It’s obvious that he is a highly skilled and imaginative cartoonist as well as a top-notch draftsman. He’s in total command of the page, … Continue reading


Starstruck Deluxe Edition

The ever-expanding and never diminishing world of Starstruck. Continue reading


Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot

More raw, more brutal, and decidedly bleaker than Tardi and Manchette’s previous collaboration, West Coast Blues. Continue reading


Isle of 100,000 Graves

The only time Jason has previously worked on a book that wasn’t entirely written by himself was The Iron Wagon, his comics adaptation of a novel. Isle of 100,000 Graves represents his first true collaboration, with writer Fabien Vehlmann providing a … Continue reading


The Game

A massive poster-sized production of a story originally in Kramers Ergot #7. Continue reading



This comic may not have a surprising answer for the “Will the hero save the girl?” question, but it delivers its cliches with a solid dose of panache. Continue reading


Citizen Rex

The Hernandez brothers’ sci-fi action-dramedy robot-rights allegory Citizen Rex is Mario’s finest work to date. Continue reading


Huntington, West Virginia “On The Fly”

Huntington, West Virginia “On The Fly” feels like his Pekar’s Dark Horse work. It’s small-scale and observational, applying a magnifying glass both to himself and to several people he meets. Continue reading