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Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010

This book has little to do with the real Twain and instead is a showcase for an Our Dumb Century-style send-up of the 20th century. Continue reading


Queen of the Black Black

An engaging catalog of both the strengths that would come to characterize Kelso’s later work, and the weaknesses she’d overcome to get there. Continue reading


Hark! A Vagrant

Any review of Kate Beaton’s first officially published book has to discuss her meteoric rise in the cartooning ranks. Continue reading


Donald Duck “Lost in the Andes”

The inaugural volume in this new Barks reprint series starts things off strong and does not let up. Continue reading



Thompson created a great deal of interesting comics art and many memorable passages, but does he succeed in what he set out to do? Continue reading


Tales of the Batman – Gene Colan, Volume One

A collection of moody noir stories. Continue reading


Gangsta Rap Posse #2

Gangsta Rap Posse is best described as an Elseworlds tale in which NWA actually were a bunch of drug-dealing, ho-pimping, Uzi-toting mass murderers. Continue reading


Ganges #4

Ganges #4 is the Godfather Part II of comics about insomnia: the rare sequel that tops the already excellent original. Continue reading