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The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear

Amusing in parts, but nowhere near Barks’s best work. Continue reading


Kramers Ergot 8

Kramers feels like a “break out the good china” prestige anthology compared to the Armory Show-style upstart it was circa Summer 2003, but it’s still tapped directly into the zeitgeist. Continue reading



Gahan Wilson’s comic strip confronts the mysteries of childhood with often shocking frankness. Continue reading



Hayden’s anecdotes about parenthood and marriage are related with real wit and poignancy. Continue reading


The Great Northern Brotherhood Of Canadian Cartoonists

This is perhaps Seth’s strangest book to date. Continue reading


The Someday Funnies

Could be good, could be bad. Maybe a bit of both. Continue reading


Papercutter #17

This is the premier minicomics anthology series. Continue reading


Mome Vol. 22: Fall 2011

Tthis final issue of Mome is an unusual experience even in these anthology-saturated times: Its editorial focus is its lack of focus. Continue reading