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This is What Democracy Looks Like

I’m a democratic socialist. The ‘democratic’ part is very important to me, and it’s important to a lot of other people too, because when you live in America and identify as a socialist, you have to spend a lot of … Continue reading


The 7 Deadly Sins

The 7 Deadly Sins is a two-fisted tale full of crosses, double-crosses and enough blood to surf from San Antonio to the Gulf. Set between Texas and Comanche land (Comancheria) in 1867, The 7 Deadly Sins sets a septet of … Continue reading


The Death of The Master

In, The Death of the Master, one of the characters, fairly early on, says, “If you have a belief in your heart and you keep it there[,] it will almost certainly be real before you know it.” And this, in … Continue reading



A soulful, personal meditation on the changes wrought by gentrification in a large city in the Canadian rustbelt. Continue reading



It is a common experience across the world that there are certain parts of your environment – your neighborhood, your city, your country – that you never really see until you take visitors to see them. You can live within … Continue reading


Are You Listening?

Tillie Walden’s new book, Are You Listening?, is relatively unambitious compared to her previous one, given that it’s just a smidge over 300 pages. That’s a joke and a true statement at the same time. Listening genuinely isn’t as long or … Continue reading


The Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow

Laura Finck’s back cover blurb for The Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow, Keren Katz’s newest graphic novel, complimented the author’s “bright, strange, dancerly pictures,” which, upon reading, I slapped my forehead and exclaimed “of course”. If there’s any other medium … Continue reading


Brain Bats of Venus: The Life and Comics of Basil Wolverton

The long-awaited second volume of Greg Sadowski’s ongoing biography of Basil Wolverton covers the peak years of its subject’s creativity and renown. In this decade, though Wolverton struggled to keep the lights on, and endured confusing and frustrating treatment by … Continue reading