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Raw Power

One of the best sustained feats of drawing in recent memory came this year from Josh Bayer. Continue reading


q v i e t

q v i e t takes sex and twists it, stretches it, and turns it inside out. Continue reading


SuperMutant Magic Academy

Certainly the best take on YA comics I’ve read in ages. Continue reading


Kmart Shoes

Ward describes his autobiographical comics as “a therapeutic exercise.” It’s the psychological equivalent of ripping away a Band-Aid. Continue reading


Prophet #21-22

Despite its many obvious points of reference, Prophet casts its own spell, and though nominally related to Rob Liefeld’s 1990s comic, it’s light years away in execution. Continue reading


Princess Knight

A seminal Tezuka series finally gets the Vertical treatment Continue reading


Is That All There Is?

The title’s the joke: yes, folks, this rather slim, elegantly designed hardcover contains (nearly) every published comic by Dutch cartoonist Joost Swarte. The book feels both in and slightly out of sync with this particular moment in comics reprint culture, … Continue reading


Kingdom Come

J.G. Ballard’s posthumous novel Kingdom Come traces a frighteningly plausible descent from consumerism to fascism to primitivism.
Continue reading