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The Voyeurs

The cartoonist Gabrielle Bell is what might have happened if Emily Dickinson had ever gotten out of the house. Continue reading


Trubble Club # 5

Trubble Club #5 is the Sistine Chapel of jam comics. Continue reading


Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller

This book is wildly successful as both a visual project and as a biography, touching on a number of controversial issues while leaving it up to the reader to decide what really happened. Continue reading


In Situ

I’m not sure I’ve ever read a diary comic that more accurately reflected the experience of living life than this one. That’s both a pro and a con. Continue reading



For contemporaneous Japanese readers NonNonBa would have served as an origin of sorts, insight into the background of an artist with a life-long interest in folklore of the supernatural. Continue reading



If there’s a villain to be found in Leela Corman’s return to comics, Unterzakhn, it’s hypocrisy. Continue reading



Every story carries with it stories that aren’t told—versions of itself that might have unfolded had the author chosen slightly different paths for his or her characters. By making a decision to tell a tale in a particular way, all … Continue reading


The Furry Trap

If the stories in Simmons’ new collection The Furry Trap, were designed to simply freak readers out, they would end in a page or two. But Simmons sticks with his ugly ideas, until the fucked-up-ness is no longer scary or even funny, and just kind of sits there to turn over in your brain. Shock seems besides the point. Continue reading