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A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One

This adaptation of the zeitgeist-bestriding revisionist-epic fantasy novel uses details from the source material in great heaps on every page, but none of it coheres. Continue reading


Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003

The immediate question posed by finding Zippy the Pinhead in the newspaper was: How did this get here?
Continue reading



The latest L&R digest finds Maggie, Hopey, Izzy, and Ray D. coming to terms with no longer being the life of the party and the heart of their scene — at least not without exhausting effort. Continue reading


Mineshaft #27

If you’re a fan of underground and alternative comics but haven’t read an issue of Mineshaft yet, simply find the “buy it now” link in this review and thank me later. Continue reading


Raw Power

One of the best sustained feats of drawing in recent memory came this year from Josh Bayer. Continue reading


q v i e t

q v i e t takes sex and twists it, stretches it, and turns it inside out. Continue reading


SuperMutant Magic Academy

Certainly the best take on YA comics I’ve read in ages. Continue reading


Kmart Shoes

Ward describes his autobiographical comics as “a therapeutic exercise.” It’s the psychological equivalent of ripping away a Band-Aid. Continue reading