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Al Capp: A Life to the Contrary

A remarkable biography, rich in the details of the major events in Capp’s life Continue reading


Runner Runner

An excellent sampler of the most experienced cartoonists from the West Coast scene who are mostly known for their minicomics. Continue reading



This is less a story than it is a therapy journal comic, but Forney’s instincts as an entertainer kick in even on the dreariest of pages. Continue reading



Kessler runs the gamut of genres, philosophical ideas, and storytelling styles, filtering them through a color sense that dominates the comic more than any other element. Continue reading



A bit of text in the lower left corner of the cover to Abelard describes it as a “magical graphic novel.” That should have tipped me off right away. Continue reading


Prison Pit Book Four

We’re not seeing a whole lot in Prison Pit Book Four that we haven’t seen already — we’re just seeing more of it. Continue reading


The Return of the Magic Whistle #12

This is the first “real” issue of Henderson’s classic Magic Whistle series in quite some time, and it sees Henderson at his best. Continue reading


Beta Testing the Apocalypse

Tom Kaczynski is an artist of extremes. His affectless, antiseptic pages might make you think otherwise, with their crisply ruled angles, their fastidious tones, their careful and deliberate air. Their surface is calm, sure; but neither do we find roiling … Continue reading