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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

A Lovecraft story given new and haunting life. Continue reading


Operation Vaporizer

If you’ve heard of Speer, it’s probably because of the glowy, sculptural digital art he makes — beautiful little artifacts from the retro-future. Continue reading


Letting It Go

One would never have expected the artist behind We Are On Our Own to have such delightful comic timing, but Katin is able to both expunge irrational but deeply held feelings and understand them for what they are. Continue reading


Hand-Drying in America and Other Stories

Starting in 1998, and continuing apace today, Katchor has presided over a full-color single page in each issue of Metropolis magazine. The bulk of these efforts—fourteen years worth of wry, restless, deeply curious cartooning—are now collected in Hand-Drying in America Continue reading



In situations like this, it is useful to examine the counter-plan suggested by the authors, their “response” to the dominant paradigm they are largely working in yet ostensibly criticizing. Continue reading


District 14: Season 1

Shite, I thought. Is this going to be completely trite Euronoir like Blacksad, a pile of clichés enlivened only by the gimmick of giving stock characters animal heads? Continue reading


Ant Comic

Ant Comic marked the moment I stopped giving a shit about print. Continue reading


Black Is the Color

As befits a comic that mostly takes place in a rowboat going nowhere in the middle of the ocean, Black Is the Color frequently collapses time and space into one another. Often its two-panel rows, or indeed entire pages, will … Continue reading