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Danger Country #1

Levon Jihanian, no knucklehead, brings much to the (gaming) table. Continue reading



1-800-MICE looks to all the world like doodles, but hidden behind a veil of nonsense lurks one of the most meticulously and pulse-poundingly plotted comics of the year. Continue reading


Freddy Stories

Mendes has been producing minicomics about her quasi-autobiographical character Freddy for some time, and now, thanks to a Xeric grant, she’s collected them into a book. Continue reading


Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7

I’m happy to report that Tales Designed to Thrizzle’s dalliance with being not-that-funny has proven blessedly brief. After the disappointingly non-berserk sixth issue, Thrizzle returns to form with lucky number seven — and of all things, it seems like Christopher … Continue reading


Pope Hats #2

One of the more satisfying reads of the year. Continue reading


Cave Evil

Meeting to experience an immersive roll playing game. Continue reading


Kashmir Pending

The history and conflict graphically personified. Continue reading


Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010

This book has little to do with the real Twain and instead is a showcase for an Our Dumb Century-style send-up of the 20th century. Continue reading