Rad Queers: Edie Fake

Explore the vividly patterned and highly ornate worlds of cartoonist and illustrator Edie Fake in Rad Queers: Edie Fake. This is the third episode in Graham Kolbeins' documentary series which spotlights queer artists and activists. Fake reflects on his long-running comic series Gaylord Phoenix, explaining how he investigates his trans identity through the medium of comics. Shannon Michael Crane details Printed Matter's long-standing relationship with Edie and gallerist Thomas Robertello discusses Memory Palaces, Fake's series of drawings that reimagine historical queer and feminist spaces in Chicago.


5 Responses to Rad Queers: Edie Fake

  1. Rob Kirby says:

    Oh wow, I love it. Do more features like this!

  2. Joe Palmer says:

    Yes! More please and thank you!

  3. ant says:

    Only read Gaylord Phoenix, it was fucking ace. I love his drawing style. Wicked.

    Great film!

  4. marc says:

    this is really great.

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