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Sarah Boxer on Woman Rebel.

Who would have thought that Margaret Sanger, the mother of American birth control, would one day have her story told in a drawing style that simultaneously recalls that of Cathy Guisewite (Cathy), R. Crumb (Mr. Natural), and Jack Cole (Plastic Man). Sounds, ungodly, doesn’t it? But such is the hysterical, intense, rubbery look of Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story, by Peter Bagge, best know for his Hate comics. In Woman Rebel, Sanger, though her story is definitely of the superhero variety, comes across visually as Mary Poppins on a bad day — red-haired, booted, angry, her shoulders stooped, her mouth a weird worm crawling across her face. (I’ve seen pictures of Sanger and this isn’t even close; she’s actually quite fetching.)


Francoise Mouly interviewed at Mutha.

Heidi MacDonald on the new Heavy Metal.

Frank's friend Derf reports back from travels abroad.

Some of what's not in the upcoming Alex Toth book.

A cartoon report of Al Jaffee at Columbia.

Mervyn Peake rules.

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  1. Tony says:

    I’d like to give the “new” Heavy Metal the benefit of the doubt but it’s impossible to get pass the fact they’re keeping Eastman at the helm. The same guy who ran it into the ground and kept digging for 25 years is the one who’s gonna supervise the revamp? Unless they’re just keeping him as a decorative Stan Lee-like figure, than can’t bode well at all.

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