Pine Tree

Hi there, today it's Tuesday and Joe's day as well. Here's the week in comics.

Today I am opening an exhibition in all three Mathew Marks Gallery spaces on 22nd st. here in New York, and tomorrow I'm interviewing the Hairy Who. Come on out.

In comics news, my hometown comic book store owner, very first employer, and conveyor of the Gospels of Rick Griffin and Dean Cornwell, get the profile celebration treatment.

Grant Morrison's career gets even worse, as becomes the new editor of Heavy Metal, which would be funny and "out there" if it wasn't also true. Everyone knows that Heavy Metal was only good for the French stuff and Richard Corben, and that's all gone. It's a pretty lousy brand, which I think the ad nicely exemplifies.

Paul Karasik has a new piece of comic strip reportage for you.

That is all!

3 Responses to Pine Tree

  1. RM Rhodes says:

    Strongly disagree that the French stuff (and Corben) were the only good things in Heavy Metal. The Dieter Lumpen stories were written by an Argentinian and a Spaniard.

    My favorite part about that press release is that the claim that Kevin Eastman art ran in the magazine before the 1990s. The only piece of Eastman art that appeared before then was this image from a review in the Dossier section in 1985. Good research, EW!

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    RM Rhodes is right here as I also unintentionally excluded Ranxerox! I should have said, the non-North American stuff, save Corben, My bad. In any case, I think Heavy Metal was best at a particular cultural moment (which had little to do with punk!) in European and South American comics. That moment has passed.

  3. jazor spark says:

    don’t forget chaland, torres, burns, kaz, matt howarth, cadelo and i think they’re the only english publisher besides raw to publish masse. also swarte and darrow… and wrightson and angus mckie!

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