Not That Far From Paradise

Today, we present our final preview for the upcoming issue 301 of The Comics Journal, a brief excerpt from Gary Groth's interview with Robert Crumb, mostly concerned with his Genesis.

We also have Sean Michael Robinson's review of Shigeru Mizuki's Onward to Our Noble Deaths. I really liked this book.


Jeet Heer reviews Ben Katchor's latest for the new Los Angeles Review of Books. Recommended all around.

In lieu of Dapper Dan's missing Green Lantern review, I point you towards another critique of the film written by our own Joe McCulloch—and, uh, he seems less than impressed!

Two creator podcast interviews possibly worth noting: one with the inimitable Eddie Cambpell, and the other with Grant Morrison. I haven't listened to either of these yet, but plan to do so over the holiday weekend. Campbell is on any thinking person's short list of great comics talkers, and would probably be fun to listen to even if interviewed about his thoughts on dog grooming. Grant Morrison, on the other hand, is not entirely my cup of Kool-Aid, but in this one, he's interviewed by the Mindless Ones, whose enthusiasm for the man and his work is dangerously contagious.

We don't comment too often on DC and Marvel scheduling mishaps in this space (mostly because 95% of the rest of the comics internet seems devoted to nothing else), but every once in a while one of them makes a mistake so funny it's impossible to look away. Chris Butcher explains.

Douglas Wolk has launched a new blog in which he promises to review every Judge Dredd book ever released. That's too much Dredd for me.

Missed it: On Sunday, The New York Times ran an editorial by Brent Staples supporting Jack Kirby in his family's ongoing copyright case with Marvel. Very little information in it will be new to readers of this site, but the fact that awareness of Kirby's contributions has finally spread as far as the Times is somewhat heartening.

One Response to Not That Far From Paradise

  1. patrick ford says:

    Ben Katchor’s The Cardboard Valise would make a pretty good review of super hero movies.

    “A new form of autoeroticism has developed to immediately relieve the pain of papercuts…

    Reduced by optical perspective to a reasonable size, you wouldn’t want to examine the workmanship: all staples glue and cardboard.”

    “packed with a hundred pounds…of cultural pollution.”

    “Window shoppers from beyond the grave. How else can you explain the poverty of design, the continuance of lines that went out of style thirty years ago?”

    “From the gnawed remains of 5,000 broiled lamb chop dinners we can manufacture one artificial wool men’s sport jacket.”

    “The utilitarian “underwear style” underlies all the gaudy…styles of the world.”

    “Treated and processed to assume the consistency and flavor of bologna. People no longer miss the original, they prefer the baloneyized version.

    And so shall we find ourselves estranged from the pasteurized pastrami, humane hamburgers, and mass market movies, and comic strips of the new millennium.

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