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Noah Van Sciver: Day 5

Noah Van Sciver is the author of the forthcoming graphic novel The Hypo, as well as the ongoing comic book series Blammo.


4 Responses to Noah Van Sciver: Day 5

  1. Noah Van Sciver says:

    THE END!

  2. TimR says:

    Good to see you and Groth share my fond memories of NOW Comics’ Ralph Snart (I assume that’s the title in question, given all the mirth and merriment depicted.)

  3. Noah Van Sciver says:

    Gary didn’t know about NOW’s Married with Children comics.

  4. Tony Solomun says:

    Fantastic comics , Noah,your art continues to evolve greatly, looking forward to Blammo 8 when done and everything else,
    thanks for sharing these Noah,all the best,

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