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We have a great 1998 interview with the also great Richard Sala, who remains a favorite of this site's editors. Here's a bit:

SULLIVAN: You talk about subtext and what’s behind things, yet it’s all done at the level of the images and the symbols, because you employ characters who are always two-dimensional. That is, if they’re not one-dimensional. You don’t seem interested in telling stories about people with varied sides to their personalities.

SALA: Well, to be honest, I’m not, you know, all that interested in characterization.

SULLIVAN: You say it like it’s a dirty word, like of course you hate characterization! Who wouldn’t hate characterization?

SALA: What I’m writing are fever dreams. One person thrashing about in a world he doesn’t understand. Don’t bother searching for anything resembling a folly-rounded character. Don’t bother looking for any situation that has anything to do with reality. In other words, characterization is subordinate to plot and atmosphere. I’ll sacrifice characterization in a second for atmosphere. I don’t care what the character had for breakfast.

I mean, these stories are basically extensions of my own personality. People used to ask me, “Why don’t you do autobiographical comics?” And I would say, “I’ve been doing them. These are my autobiographies.” That’s why I did that one comic as a joke, “All About Me” — it couldn’t be less about me.


Some very nice Tove Jansson paintings here.

Gil Roth interviews Lorenzo Mattotti.

Drew Friedman recounts his time at the NCS Awards.

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  1. That Sala interview was the 2nd thing I read in TCJ (the first was the Bob Fingerman issue the month before). Excited to re-read!

  2. Aaron K. says:

    Are there still plans to publish issue number 303 of “The Comics Journal”?

  3. Frank Santoro says:
  4. Dan Nadel says:

    I think there are plans to publish 303, but I don’t know what they are or when it’s coming…

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