More Action

Continuing our all-action, all-the-time policy, today we have Kristy Valenti's wide-ranging interview with the great Jim Rugg.

And elsewhere on the internet:

-James Romberger on Big Questions for Publishers Weekly.

-Cartoonist Becky Cloonan writes about the realities of freelance life.

-You need more links in your diet. Sean T. Collins has 'em!

-Illustration critic David Apatoff recommends the new 41 Illustrators and How They Work.

-Finally, once again, I'm glad Tucker Stone does it so we don't have to.

One Response to More Action

  1. patrick ford says:

    David Apatoff’s blog is a treasure as far as I’m concerned.

    Only a short time ago he posted on Chester Brown. Apatoff’s opinion was mainly clinical, I don’t have the impression he was the least bit taken aback by anything Chester had done in terms of ethics, or viewpoint. He just basically concentrated on the foundational technical merit, and exposition.

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