Met-Hal UrLahnt

Today on the site: Emily Flake's Thursday involves whiskey and cigarettes, as any good Thursday should. And Rob Clough reviews African American Classics.


This may or may not be news: The 1987 documentary The Masters of Comic Book Art is now on YouTube in its entirety. I suggest skipping to the 20 minute mark to listen to Steve Ditko explain Mr. A. I forgot about this section, and I really enjoyed listening to his voice. Moebius is at the 38 minute mark. This is just a pretty fine glimpse at these artists in the flesh. It's also so very funny to think how different the canon was.

-Hey, I missed this Best of 2011 international, multi-contributor list hosted by Paul Gravett.

-Oh look, it's Hal Foster Tarzan dailies.

-This is just.... wow. Passion. I wish I had it.

-And Eddie Campbell catches a couple of swipes. Good ones, too.

7 Responses to Met-Hal UrLahnt

  1. Frank Santoro says:

    I’m always surprised how many people have not seen The Masters of Comic Book Art. The Dave Sim interview is worth a look just for the, uh, look Mr. Sim sports in ’87.

  2. Ian Harker says:

    “Met-Hal UrLahnt” lol, love Masters of Comic Book Art. My VHS copy went down with the ship (my old LCS) a long time ago. I remember once interrupting a dinner party my parents were having and forcing them and their friends to watch it in it’s entirety.

    If a new one was filmed right now (with Dan, in a Members Only jacket, as host) who would be the line up? Who are the current living Masters?

  3. Eric Reynolds says:

    Holy shit, Ditko. This is only the second time I’ve ever heard his voice, the other being the time Gary Groth took me to Ditko’s studio!

  4. BVS says:

    I haven’t seen Masters of Comic Book Art before, I thought I had but I haden’t. But it turns out I was thinking of Hooked on comix vol.1, equally weird. but more of a 90s kind of weird.

  5. Frank Santoro says:

    I wanna hear that one someday.

  6. R. Maheras says:

    This is nice. I remember watching it a long time ago — maybe even around the time it first came out — but haven’t seen it since.

  7. patrick ford says:

    Bumping into the things in the dark.
    First week of March, 1983:

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