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MariNaomi: Day 3

MariNaomi wrote and illustrated the graphic memoir Kiss & Tell: A
Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 (Harper Perennial, 2011). She is a
regular contributor to ("Smoke In Your Eyes") and
("Frisco al Fresco"). Visit her website at

6 Responses to MariNaomi: Day 3

  1. Gary says:

    This day is really fantastic. I like the scene with the frigate birds over the sea cave.

  2. MariNaomi says:

    Thank you, Gary! It was so beautiful and quiet…

  3. OMG. This is hilarious. I love it and wish I met you on the Xpedition.

  4. MariNaomi says:

    Thank you, Dr. Keith! :)

  5. Gianco says:

    (At risk of sounding like a douche…) They’re actually called granadillas, and yeah, they’re awesome.

  6. MariNaomi says:

    That’s actually very helpful! I would kill an armadillo for a granadilla right now.

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