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MariNaomi Day 1

MariNaomi wrote and illustrated the graphic memoir Kiss & Tell: A
Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 (Harper Perennial, 2011). She is a
regular contributor to ("Smoke In Your Eyes") and
("Frisco al Fresco"). Visit her website at

4 Responses to MariNaomi Day 1

  1. Lisa T. says:

    It may be self-serving to say this, but FANTASTIC :)

  2. MariNaomi says:

    I am nothing but appreciative of the self-serving. Thank you, Lisa T!

  3. Rob K. says:

    Now I know what not to sing to you at SPX, Mari. Cuz you know I was planning on singing to you.

  4. MariNaomi says:

    Ha ha. Just don’t sing it to my dad!

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