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Mardou: Day Two

Mardou was born and raised in Manchester, England and now makes a home in St Louis, Missouri with Ted May, and their daughter. You can follow her weekly therapy comics online on Instagram.
Her new novel Sky in Stereo 2 is out now!


4 Responses to Mardou: Day Two

  1. Sarita says:

    Hi Mardou, I’m curious, so you bring IFS into your meditation or follow the traditional path of ‘just watching’? I perhaps you did get curious about the part/s of you holding sourness, and there just wasn’t room for that in the comic; or perhaps these are separate practices for you? Offering you different things?
    I love your comics :)

  2. Sarita says:

    Excuse the Swype typos and lack of proofreading; that should have been “Do you” at the start, and”Or perhaps these are ..”

  3. Mardou says:

    Hi Sarita, I do both. In the mornings I tend to do silent meditation, focussing on the breath as best I can. With IFS meditations I’ll often use a CD to get me started (Dr Richard Schwartz has a couple of recorded titles available). In IFS meditations you start with a trailhead- could be a bodily sensation, thought, impulse and you focus on it and get to know it better. On my website, I demonstrate a lot of these IFS enquiries. I find them super helpful, they bring me to a calmer, more compassionate state of awareness.
    But the process is quite different to Vipassna for example.

  4. Mardou says:

    Oh and in that particular “sitting with the sourness”, nah, I was too tired. I just sat with it. Like “hey Sourness, I’m just gonna sit right here, you can be here too” without trying to go deeper with it…

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