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Mardou: Day One

Mardou was born and raised in Manchester, England and now makes a home in St Louis, Missouri with Ted May, and their daughter. You can follow her weekly therapy comics online on Instagram.
Her new novel Sky in Stereo 2 is out now!


3 Responses to Mardou: Day One

  1. Nathalie Faure says:

    Your work is really great and yes, you’re impressive. Thanks for sharing your sessions, it’s really appreciated.

  2. Cathy says:

    I just introduced myself to Dick a couple of weeks ago at a retreat center near me. I went there to buy recommended reading books for a retreat I’ll be taking with him in March. We have a mutual friend and I introduced myself to him as such. Man, the look on his face was, “Who is this woman?” But when I mentioned the name of our friend he seemed to relax. Yep, I had the “fan girl,” “pretender,” and “inner critic” all going on inside me. Told him I was working with an IFS therapist and that the work was intense, but helpful. He appreciated that. “I’ll see you in March,” I told him. “Yea, I’ll see you in March.” And oh yea, I really do enjoy your art, Mardou. Thank you.

  3. Ra Manuera says:

    I would probably ‘fan-boy’ too if I had the chance to talk to him :)

    Lovely comics, keep up the good work!

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