On the site today:

R. Fiore ponders Will Eisner and PS Magazine.

It seems to me what PS represented something Eisner pursued throughout his career, the opportunity to create comics for an adult readership. Indeed, during most of its run it must have been nearly the only such opportunity in the comic book format outside of Little Annie Fanny, and as such is another tribute to Eisner’s savvy.

Rob Clough reviews Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant.

And elsewhere:

Alex Dueben offers a short but sweet interview with Seth.

Nick Gazin's comic review column at Vice takes on Carl Barks.

And over at D&Q there's news of Guy Delisle projects afoot.

6 Responses to Maintaining.

  1. Paul Slade says:

    You promise me a new Fiore piece then give it a link that doesn’t work? Don’t play with me, man!

  2. Tim Hodler says:

    Sorry about that. Someone forgot to push the “publish” button.

  3. Paul Slade says:

    Thanks – Fiore’s still my favourite Journal writer, so I tend to fall on anything by him with particular glee.

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    That someone would be me. I apologize for the Fiore tease.

  5. Nick Gazin says:

    I don’t know if I “took Carl Barks on” as much as I just out and out sucked his dick in my review. I think it’s okay to suck his Donald dick. I am grossing myself out with those things I am saying.

  6. Confused Dude says:

    Maybe I’m just not clicking enough links, but it seems like your header images (e.g. the Spongebob one) have nothing to do with any of the content of the related post, plus aren’t labeled. I find this pretty frustrating. Am I missing something?

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