Good morning, all. Today, we bring you Rob Clough's lengthy interview with the Troop 142 cartoonist and popular podcaster Mike Dawson. A brief sample:

It is true that Chris and I went there with two other friends, and also sadly true that we were the only four mopes at the resort not hooking up with anyone. We took that vacation at a time when we were all single. We all lived in the city, had decent jobs, and some money to spend. We thought it would be a great time. Honestly, Hedonism was a skeevy place to spend a week. Yes, a lot of the details from the story are based on things we saw or experienced. [...] The steroid guy in the story who yells at Christopher Vigliotti and his friends for not scoring, and then brags about having unprotected sex in the hot-tub, that guy was real too. He was the one who had figured out that the thing to do was book a ten-day trip, because that way you'd get two batches of guests at the resort to hook up with, since most people were there for one week. Really, almost every character in the story is based on the people we encountered down there. While the trip was a bust for me and Chris, it gave us a lot of story material.

In sadder news, the underground filmmaker George Kuchar has died. Although his primary reputation derives from his films, Kuchar also had a lot of ties with the comics world, both as a friend of such figures as Bill Griffith and Art Spiegelman (both of whom appeared in his movies) and as a cartoonist and contributor to Arcade himself. If you aren't familiar with his work, I strongly suggest tracking down a recent documentary made about Kuchar and his twin brother Mike, It Came From Kuchar. If you subscribe to Netflix, it is available for streaming right now. This is required viewing for anyone interested in underground art (as are Kuchar's own movies).

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  1. kim deitch says:

    So sorry to hear about George Kuchar. a brilliant guy and a very nice guy too. R.I.P.

  2. kim deitch says:

    How is Dylan Williams doing?

  3. Tim Hodler says:

    According to the Sparkplug website, he has more treatments to go, but is doing well so far. But your comment reminded me that eBay art auctions to help raise funds for his medical expenses are going on right now.

    Interested readers can find the info here:

  4. NRH says:

    George Kuchar was a great film maker, under any standard. Many of the films are available here:
    Sadly they are not at the quality they deserve to be seen at (on 16mm they are genuinely beautiful). Hopefully Anthology will schedule the series that he deserves.

    There are also a decent amount of Paper Rad films to be seen on the Ubu site, for those who didn’t know…

  5. David Marino says:

    George Kuchar will be missed. Love how his films sort of celebrate and make fun of, or contrast with the films he grew up watching in the fifties. Also, certain films of his are like underground comix come to life on celluloid, (+ how great it is to behold those grainy, saturated colors on 16mm). Also seems, certain kinds of Underground films in those days and Underground comix, seem related to me, as both seem to revel with a sense of creative freedom, while breaking down barriers, of social norms, and any other kind repressive, stifling convention. Mike Kuchar, wish I could see more of his films, but from what I’ve seen his films are worth looking for. His ‘Secret of Wendel Samson’ (is it?), I remember that was a very well made personal film.

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