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Hayley Campbell reads Nate Powell's Any Empire against an extraordinary backdrop and asks a few questions.


Jack Adler, the noted production man at DC Comics from 1946 to 1981, has passed away. Mark Evanier has a summary of Adler's career. Adler was responsible for the stunning look of DC covers in the 1960s, innovating in color and texture.

Our corporate overlords report that Linda Medley is selling original pages from the yet-to-be-published Starstruck mini-series Galactic Girl Guides. Worth a look for the scans alone.

Sean T. Collins has "Fifteen observations about Craig Thompson’s Habibi. This is the first real response to the book I've yet seen.

Jog's pal Peter Milligan is interviewed about his work for DC's 52, specifically Red Lanterns, and says:

I suppose one of the main aims of this book is to take what have hitherto been monomaniacal bad guys and turn some of them at least into something more rounded and more compelling.

Gotta start somewhere!

Over at the Forbidden Planet blog there's a report on an exhibition of work by Maurice Tillieux, whose Murder by High Tide is one my favorite books of this year, even though I'm still trying to figure out a way to write something intelligent about it. Click over for some juicy photos and good info.

And here's one of my favorite Jack Kirby stories -- 1958's The World is Ours.

Finally, I'll be giving a talk Thursday night at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art at 7 pm, with artist John Haddock. Come and heckle me if you're near Scottsdale, Arizona.

3 Responses to Like The Man Said

  1. patrick ford says:

    Dan, A couple of pages of the original art for “The World if Ours” are at Tom Kraft’s Kirby site.
    The splash page is inked by Kirby.
    Tom has a lot of wonderful things at his site including this Boy’s Ranch double splash which Kirby coloured with ink dyes for his own pleasure. It was on the wall at the Kirby home for many years.
    Or how about:

  2. Mike Rhode says:

    I touched on some of the issues that Collins raises with Habibi when I interviewed Thompson –

    I like Collins’ comments too.

  3. patrick ford says:

    Having no interest in super heroes I haven’t seen any of the stuff in question, but I have taken my children top see quite a few action oriented films most recently Rio. The main problem with modern action sequences isn’t so much that they take place in an eddy going down a drain, it’s that they are excruciatingly long and tedious. You can sense watching these things the hidden hand of a producer who says, “I sense fidgeting. We need to slap the audience up side the head here.”

    The action sequence effect is just the opposite, they are incredibly boring, and bring the pace of the film to a dead stop.

    This isn’t just my reaction, my young kids are far more keen on the story aspects of the films, I’ve never heard them come out of dark, and describe an action scene.

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