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Kevin McCloskey: Day One

Kevin McCloskey, MFA in Illustration, SVA, NYC, has taught at Kutztown University for 30 years. He is the creator of five natural science comic books for beginning readers published by Toon Books. His books include We Dig Worms, The Real Poop on Pigeons, and his latest, Ants Don’t Wear Pants! He blogs at


9 Responses to Kevin McCloskey: Day One

  1. J.T. Yost says:

    The McCloskey’s rule! You should have Kevin’s son do the next round of comic diaries. Lotta talent in that family.

  2. Maureen Yoder says:

    Love This!
    No-one is better than Kevin McCloskey to chronicle life in Kutztown.
    Can’t wait for more

  3. Rigel says:

    I hope Dave is well too. Thank you for this beautiful little slice of life. ♡

  4. Joy kraft says:

    Beautiful slice of life at an ugly time, I need to know about Dave!!!!!

  5. SUSANA GAISEY says:

    I hope Dave is well too – enjoy your retirement and thanks for the illustrations

  6. Tami Talbot says:

    Please tell Dave when you see him. We are all worried. Thank him for his service from me.

  7. Suzanne Barron says:

    This is terrific, Kevin! Keep it going! Let us know about Dave.

  8. Molly MacDonald says:

    Dave is my favorite mailman ever! I bought fleeces from him years ago when we still lived in town. Hope he’s ok!!

  9. Valerie Meyer says:

    Dave is my mailman, and he is an absolute riot. I could totally see him giving you sheep shit

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