Kevin McCloskey: Day Five

Kevin McCloskey, MFA in Illustration, SVA, NYC, has taught at Kutztown University for 30 years. He is the creator of five natural science comic books for beginning readers published by Toon Books. His books include We Dig Worms, The Real Poop on Pigeons, and his latest, Ants Don’t Wear Pants! He blogs at


5 Responses to Kevin McCloskey: Day Five

  1. Maria Fitzgerald says:

    I enjoyed reading your meaningful comics. This time is so strange, you captured it so well.

  2. Robert Lamb says:

    Touching (Patt’s masks, the Postal response, the sharing), funny (the cranky!), and a cliffhanger resolved (Dave lives!). An excellent week of comics, Kevin. Please more! And if you were ever to create an autobio GN, I’d be first in line to read it. Thank you again for these!

  3. Thanks Maria, Robert, and everyone for the kind words from prior days’s responses. Thanks much to Tucker Stone and TCJ for this opportunity. I plan to get a new strip or two up on my blog in the weeks ahead. I gave Dave the mailman one of my watercolor sketches. He is bringing us two more bags of sheep shit for the asparagus. Life is good.

  4. Tami Talbot says:

    Thank you. I was worried about Dave. I love your quote from the sign, “Ally in Training.” Perfect. Hey does your wife want some fabric? I have some scraps and some elastic if she is wanting some more.

  5. Hi Tami, Thanks much. We have fabric resources locally. The sign was our daughter’s idea, thanks again.

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