Johnny Hart to Appear B.C.


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  1. Kristy says:

    I am looking for another one of his Good Friday comics that I used to keep hanging on my refrigerator. It showed the two characters sitting in the dark and then there was light and the one said “The sun is back” and the other one looking in the distance at the cross said “but the Son is gone”. Could you post that one?

  2. Lauren Law says:

    Didn’t he do a comic about someone who rode into town…sort of a western theme…that was all about the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem…and ended with His death? I’d love to find a copy of that comic. I saw it years ago in a newspaper…wish I’d realized then how much it would still mean to me to read a newspaper and see the story of my Jesus presented in the comics.

  3. Debbi Elliott says:

    May Mr. Hart be resting in Jesus’ arms.
    I will be finding his work where I can, and seeing it with new eyes.

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