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Jesse Reklaw: Day Two

Jesse Reklaw is a cartoonist, musician, and web developer in Portland, Oregon. His graphic novels include LOVF and Couch Tag published by Fantagraphics. He drew the webcomic Slow Wave from 1995-2012, which was collected in several books, including The Night of Your Life from Dark Horse. He has been trying to re-launch his website, but who knows? It might be done by the time you read this:

2 Responses to Jesse Reklaw: Day Two

  1. John Isaacson says:

    Jesse! Which emo and hardcore bands are you listening to?

  2. Jesse Reklaw says:

    John, I bet you know better than me. But I was surprised to see Wikipedia (and the world?) classifying both Weezer and Jimmy Eat World as emo. That skewed my perception a bit. I always loved those two bands, but thought they were too pop too ever be associated with emo. Maybe it makes more sense if the music is more about the emotions than the politics. As for the hardcore… give me a few more years to figure it out!?!

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