Jeffrey Catherine Jones, 1944-2011

We've just learned that painter and cartoonist Jeffrey Jones has passed away. According to a post on the artist's Facebook page:

JEFFREY CATHERINE JONES passed away today, Thursday May 19, 2011 at 4:00 am surrounded by family. Jeffrey suffered from severe emphysema and bronchitis as well as hardening of the arteries around the heart. Jeffrey's dear friend Robert Wiener reported that there was a no resuscitation order as Jeffrey was weak from from being severely under weight and had no reserves with which to fight. In accord with Jeffrey's wishes Jeffrey will be cremated. We have yet to hear details for a memorial service. Jeffrey was one of the greatest talents and sweetest souls we have ever been blessed to know. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

We'll have a formal obituary online as soon as possible. For a brief biography, click over here. My favorite work of Jones' remains the comic strip Idyll.


8 Responses to Jeffrey Catherine Jones, 1944-2011

  1. Joey Manley says:


    I think you mean “her” Facebook page.

    I don’t mean to be a PC nitpicker — rather, I mean to be a nitpicker for the sake of clarity. This post had me very confused, since I was unfamiliar with the artist. Was Jeffrey Jones transgendered, or just a man with a very unfortunate middle name? I had to Google around before I found an answer.

    If there was a specific reason you chose to use the male-gendered pronoun (maybe the artist had renounced the sex change late in life or something?) I apologize for correcting you.

  2. Joey Manley says:

    Now that you’ve corrected the post, by removing gender-specific pronouns, I have no beef. Changing the pist without acknowledging that you changed it does make my complaint above look tetchier than I actually am, though. Ha!

  3. Tim Hodler says:

    Sorry, Joey! Acknowledgment granted.

  4. Tom Hart says:

    This is tragic. I adore Jones’ work, especially like Dan, Idyll. I think about it constantly. She’ll be missed.

  5. Steve Sundahl says:

    This is a very sad passing.
    Thanks Jeffrey for all the beauty that you gave us for all these years, we were blessed.

  6. EH! says:

    Jones apparently identified as a woman and therefore female pronouns are respectful and appropriate.

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