Jack Davis in Conversation with Drew Friedman and Gary Groth


On December 3rd, 2011 at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, Drew Friedman and Gary Groth interviewed Jack Davis as part of the BCGF programming slate and in celebration of his essential new retrospective book. We're pleased to present the full audio of the nearly hour-long conversation. Drew Friedman has posted all of the images the trio discussed over here. Open up a new window and scroll while you listen.  And for more from that day, click over to Drew's blog.


7 Responses to Jack Davis in Conversation with Drew Friedman and Gary Groth

  1. Bill H says:

    Having missed this (I got there late..) I want to thank you for this!!

  2. Robert Cook says:

    I can’t over the uncanny feeling listening to the interview that Jack Davis is being interviewed by Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC!! (Drew Friedman sounds exactly like Bloomberg…who’da thought?)

    I was fortunate to see the small exhibition of Davis’ originals that were on display in Dumbo. His drawings are so much more vivid than their reproductions, and one can really see how much FUN Davis must have had doing his work every day.

  3. Drew Friedman says:

    Now, if I ONLY had Mike Bloomberg’s money…

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  5. Jan Stolz says:

    Fantastic! Man, I wish this was a video!

  6. Drew Friedman says:

    It was filmed

  7. Steve Delmonte says:

    This interview was filmed?? Can I get a personal copy. I collect everything JACK!! Thanks!

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