It’s Today

Indeed it is. And like every Tuesday for the rest of your life, Joe McCulloch is telling you about this week in comics releases. He does this not because he wants to. No, he does it because he needs to. He can't help him. Joe is a great human comic reading machine.

Elsewhere in the comics world: Our own Frank Santoro, currently en route to NYC via the great Amtrak network, has announced another session of his comics correspondence course for March 2012. It's go time. Speaking of Frank, this blog seems plucked from his brain once upon a time. A chronicle of shitty 80s genre comics. Gotta love them. I know I do. You know else does? Jim Rugg. He has some fine holiday gift suggestions on his own blog! And James Romberger looks at Alex Toth's classic genre work of the 50s.

Some other fun things I've tripped over. Thanks to JH, I now can anticipate Dave Sim's next book. I remember Tim gave me Sim's collected letters (vol. 1) for my 30th birthday. I forgave him eventually, and now hope ol man Hodler will give me this tome for... Halloween 2012? Hanukah?

Finally, the great Spanish cartoonist Max has an exhibition up in Mexico. I love Max's transformation from new wave 80s dude to classic form-based artist these days.

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  1. Jeet Heer says:

    The Dave Sim link doesn’t seem to be working. Try this one:'s-Las

    By the way, the Sim book is recommended for Grade 11 and up. Curious.

  2. Dan Nadel says:


  3. Eric Hoffman says:

    Another Dave Sim-related book to be published in 2012 is Cerebus the Barbarian Messiah: Essays on the Graphic Satire of Dave Sim and Gerhard. I edited the book which features some really fascinating essays on Sim’s magnum opus.

    It’s available for pre-order here:

    and here:

  4. Paul Slade says:

    Who are the contributors, Eric?

  5. Eric Hoffman says:

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks for asking: Contributors include Dominick Grace, C.W. Marshall, David Groenewegen, Sebastien Domsch, Gregory Fink, Sabin Calvert, Isaac Mayeux, Edward Komora, Mario Castro and Lenny Cooper.



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