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Today on the site: Shaenon Garrity on Jenn Manley Lee’s Dicebox, color and web comics in print.

Elsewhere it's a mixed assortment of linkage:

Chris Oliveros went to New Dehli for India Comic-Con. Zander and Kevin Cannon, David Burnett and Oleg Terenchuk have started Crowded Comics, a new web site with which readers can supply the captions for editorial cartoons. Other readers have supplied 1.2 million dollars for a reprint program for the web comic Order of the Stick. That's a lot of dollars. The Beat breaks it down. Younger readers (or rather, their parents) will want to check out Johanna Draper Carlson's preview of forthcoming releases from Toon Books. And readers of all kinds, of my kind, even, should know of the graphic novel finalists for the LA Times Book Prize.

“I Will Bite You! And Other Stories” by Joseph Lambert (Secret Acres)
“Celluloid” by Dave McKean (Fantagraphics)
“Finder: Voice” by Carla Speed McNeil (Dark Horse)
“Congress of the Animals” by Jim Woodring (Fantagraphics)
“Garden” by Yuichi Yokoyama (PictureBox)

Ross Campbell has been making interesting comics for a while and now he's part of the Liefeld-verse revival. Here's an interview. In old comics news, here are a couple of excellent stories by Dick Ayers at his goriest.

And finally, hey, don't forget to sign up for Frank's correspondence course. Enrollment ends this week. That means you. And you. And you, too.

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  1. Ian Harker says:

    A million plus via kickstater? Wow. For a comic I’ve never heard of before in my life? Double-wow! Good for comics.

    Has the artist revealed what he plans to do with it all? Apparently he raised 20X the amount he was looking for. I doubt the market needs 20X as many Order of the Stick TPBs. I’d hope he’d use the funds not only to setup his enterprises for the long term but also to enrich the comics scene/industry/biz/whatever. Kickstarter doesn’t allow “fund my life” projects so i’d hope the guy doesn’t plan on pocketing the excess. That would be a questionable move. He has every right to invest it all in his own enterprises though. He’s already been put on the map, I hope he spreads the wealth and puts more comics on the map and build himself a nice little empire.

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