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If I Had A Nickel For Every Time You Threatened To Kill Yourself, I Could Afford To Hire A Clown To Kill Your Entire Family

The reason you beat dead horses is simple: because the only people who are going to get out of this thing clean are the ones who arrive at the Gates of Hell wet-past-the-knees in boots of blood, proudly saying that they never gave up believing that there was value to be found in constantly stomping into a corpse felled by delusion and stupidity. In the same way that no one fondly remembers the "good taste" version of sex, there's little to admire in the man or woman who continually searches to find what they believe to be worthy of praise. Like some kind of grotesque garbage picker, they paw and clamber into the fleshy folds of a decayed carcass, forever turning to the horrified mass of disgusted humanity with wild-eyed pride every time they find a scrap of skin, barely chewed, holding it out with wet, shaking hands, and they are so proud! and they are so sure!

You have to steel yourself for those moments, those moments when a terrified editorial head looks upon the exhausted faces of the soldiers-the librarians, the booksellers, the readers--who have kept him alive for so long, you have to be ready with your jackboots as he opens his mouth and tells you in that quavering tone that we are in a new Golden Age, that the dawn has broke and the charlatans and carnivores have been brought low. Square up, king soldier, and bring him low.

Let Abhay Khosla give you THE FACTS THAT YOU WILL NEED

So, as TMZ has delicately reported, one of the Green Lantern characters owned by DC comics has come out of the closet. Green Lantern Alan Scott, the blonde one, was revealed to be living a homosexual lifestyle on an alternate Earth in the recent issue of some comic or another. This was apparently a trending topic on Twitter, a topic of discussion by the Twitterati.

I thought that was exciting, so I went and checked what was being tweeted.  Here's a sample:
(1) So, what? Pink Lantern? RainbowLantern,
(2) How many dudes are in the pink lantern corps
(3)So I guess the Green Lantern will be called the Pink Lantern now
(4) Well its official, DC announces that Green Lantern is gonna be a fruitcake...I say he should be renamed Pink Lantern
(5) Green Lantern pasará a llamarse Pink Lantern #chistefacil
(6) En la segunda pelicula de Green Lantern cambiara a pink lanternjaja
(7) So DC finally tells us who's the gay superhero. Ladies and gentlemen, the Green Lantern is now the Pink Lantern!
(8) The Pink Lantern. Yuck.
(9) Green Lantern se metamorfosea en Pink Lantern. ¡¡¡¡Power rangers al poder!!!!
(10) Green Lantern ahora será Pink Lantern
(11) Big news the #greenlantern is gay will he change to the pink lanternnow?
(12) ha ha ha.. Pink Lantern #EPIC
(13) Hoy el gran Green Lantern se ha convertido en Pink Lantern!!!
(14) why u hating on the Pink Lantern?
(15) Should change name to PinkLantern.
(16) ¿Green Lantern es gay? Oh no! es cuestión de tiempo que aparezca Pink Lantern.
(17) Just to be clear now that Alan Scott is the outed Green Lantern is he still a Green Lantern or does he have to default to Pink Lantern now
(18) Green Lantern ahora será Pink Lantern
(19) DC Comics announces that the Green Lantern will be re-issued as the Pink Lantern this month
(20) entonces "Green Lantern" es gay SMH creo que deberian cambiarle el nombre a "Pink Lantern" ya ni en los super heroes se puede cpnfiar !
(21) Y ahora resulta que green lantern es gay!!! Pues al final acabara con la pink lantern!!!
(22) #GreenLantern est Homo! Pourquoi ne pas l'avoir appelé PinkLantern?!! #DCComics #ComingOut
(23) So are they going to rename the Green Lantern the 'Pink Lantern'? Or just the 'Gay Lantern'?
(24) Green Lantern???? more like Pink Lantern
(25) PINK Lantern. Ellen wants you to support Hal. Not be in denial
(26) Apparently the Green Lantern is gay. They're thinking of changing him to the Pink Lantern.
(27) Green Lantern is now known as Pink Lantern (?)
(28) Alan Scott as... PINK LANTERN (?)
(29) I concur. In no way is Green Lantern gay. Can they not create a Pink Lantern, whose code word is "Fabulous"?
(30) Green Lantern is now the pink lantern
(31) shouldn't he be the pink lantern or something....
(32) More like the Pink Lantern, am I right?
(33) thanks for coming out of the closet, pink lantern.
(34) There is no pink lantern in the emotional spectrum!
(35) More like the Pink Lantern, am I right?
(36) DC Comics makes The Green Lantern gay. Now known as "ThePink Lantern" + plus it's now AC/DC Comics #tcot
(37) so, #alanscott is "gay" does that make him the pink lantern?#dccomics daft idea really
(38) Commence all the Pink Lantern jokes.
(39) Can't wait for the new Pink Lantern series.
(40) Whoever inks the new Pink Lantern comic is going to need a light touch.
(41) Just please don't change his name to The Pink Lantern.#greenlantern ##gay #dccomics
(42) Green/Pink Lantern gay... Wonder Woman transgendered?
(43) The Green Lantern? More like The Pink Lantern or Pink Nightlight.
(44) John Waters to star in DC's newest superhero, PINK LANTERN
(45) Alan Scott as the Pink Lantern? Rainbow Lantern? Hmmm...any fabulous advice Batman? *coughcomeoutofyourcavecough*
(46) "Green Lantern" jesus the green lantern is gay,he should be given apink lantern #okbye
(47) Green Lantern will now be known as ... Pink lantern.
(48) so DC Comics just turned The Green Lantern into a homosexual' >.< So he's the pink lantern now, ryt? #DAFUQ
(49) They should change it to the pink lantern am I right!
(50) The Green Lantern is now gay. Does that make him The PinkLantern, The Rainbow Lantern, I'm confused.
(51) Ya no va a ser Green Lantern ahora se llamara Pink Lantern
(52) Green Lantern is now PinkLantern??
(53) Homadaze, green lantern is gay? Surely they should abide by stereotypes and make him Pink Lantern. #duh
(54) Paren de wear con lo de Alan Scott q ahora dejara de ser GreenLantern y sera Pink Lantern... Allallai x.x
(55)  lmao. Now he will become Pink Lantern
(56) I guess this doesn't really change anything about Alan Scott. Wonder if he's gonna start being called the Pink Lantern though...
(57) Why not just call him the Pink Lantern ?
(58) Green lantern to become pink lantern. #GaySuperhero #DCcomics
(59) The Green Lantern is now known as The Pink Lantern. What the? LOL!!!!
(60) DC Comics seems to be just daring people to make a "PinkLantern" joke
(61) Should we rename the Green Lantern to the Pink Lantern, or the Rainbow Lantern now?
(63) Now called the Pink Lantern!
(64) green lantern corp member to officially change his name to the PinkLantern. #dccomics
(65) Alan Scott is gay? How long till he gets a pinklantern? Unimpressed. Call me when they "out" Booster Gold as a dogfucker.
(66) DC Comics new hero Pink Lantern
(67) Green Lantern is gay!!! Are they taken the piss!!! if he startes being referred to as the pink lantern I will hang myself #dccomics
(68) Well should we call him The Pink Lantern now?
(69) Entonces, Alan Scott es gay, ahora será el Original Pink Lantern
(70) Pink Lantern > Green Lantern :)
(71) So is the Green Lantern going to become the Pink Lantern?
(72) Green Lan....PINK Lantern.
(73) Green Lantern is changing his name to the Pink Lantern
(74) GREEN LANTERN??...maybe 'pink' lantern...or 'rainbow'lantern??...and btw BATWOMAN is a lesbian in the new world...
(75) Vaya... se jodió Green Lantern 2.... Ahora será Pink Lantern :D
(76) Should green lantern now be referred to as the pink lantern?
(77) "Green Lantern" Pink Lantern?
(78) Alguien sabe quién es pink lantern ?? Jajaja :-P
(79) Laterna verde. Green lantern. Linterna verde. Agora é... Ahora és... Now is... = Lanterna rosa. Linterna rosa. Pink lantern.
(80) Superhéroe Green Lantern se declarará gay" and now he will be known as the PinkLantern... SMH!!!
(81) It's official, The Green Lantern is gay; can DC comics rename himPink Lantern? #justsaying
(82) You mean the whole time The Green Lantern really wanted to be The Pink Lantern.#Irony
(83) Ele queria ser o Pink Lantern.
(84) "Thanks for helping, Pink Lantern", snickered Batman before he beat the shit out of him.
(85) Linterna Verde ahora es Linterna Rosadita. "Hello, i used to be Green Lantern. Now, I am Pink Lantern"
(86) Green Lantern or Pink Lantern... Maybe Tinkerbell OMFG
(87) shouldn't he be the Pink Lantern? Not sure why the big deal, Wonder Woman is an Amazon for crying out loud
(88) The PINK Lantern! Lmaoooooooo
(89) More like PINK Lantern, am I right?
(90) Pow, podiam ter ferrado com o Robin ou o Aquaman que ninguem ia notar. The Pink Lantern!!!
(91) More like Pink Lantern, amiright?
(92) So will he be the Pink Lantern now? I'm not sure green is in this season.
(93) "in brightest parlor, in darkest club, no pogi papa shall escape na ma-sight. beware my chorva, pink lantern's nyoklight."
(94) OH NO!!!!!!.....Not the Gay Lantern!!! 0_o Is he the Pink Lanternnow??.......
(95) Green Lantern relaunched as brave, mighty and GAY... he's the Pink Lantern now
(96) So...can we call him the Pink Lantern?
(98) We are all required to go buy P.C.Comic's new Pink Lanternsuperhero or we are bigoted, hypocritical discriminators of poo. Not so much.
(99) Maintenant que #DCComics a officialisé l'homosexualité de#GreenLantern, est ce qu'il va devenir Pink Lantern ?
(100) Wouldnt he be Pink Lantern
(101) So, Green Lantern should create a Pink Lantern Corps of its own...#dc
(102) The Pink Lantern, ftw.
(103) Green Lantern is coming out the closet....... so I guess her new name is Pink Lantern
(104) Next issue he announces his big change to “The PinkLantern”.
(105) Green Lantern comes out as gay in, Ok now him wanting to change to the fabulous pink lantern makes sense
(106) I guess the Pink Lantern is next
(107) I mentioned that the new Pink Lantern has a thing for Kilowog, who is likely a bear and a power bottom
(108) it would be funny if he is called the pink lantern :)
(109) Maybe he should have been called Pink Lantern... As GreenLantern emerges as gay
(110) What wrong with that? Maybe U want 2 call him thePink Lantern!
(111) presenting -- Pink Lantern! ...malakihang 'bird' na sa singsing eto! - DC Comics' Green Lantern is now gay
(112) Will the Green Lantern become the Pink Lantern?
(113) Green(pink) Lantern.
(114) pink lantern?
(115) so Pink Lantern na sya
(116) Green Lantern to become Pink Lantern in wake of coming out. DC says it's "incidental" but announces it to world anyhow. Of course.
(118) #GreenLantern reintroduced as openly gay comic hero... Why not call him Pink lantern now?
(119)  Alan Scott, The Pink Lantern...
(120) @GeorgeTakei ¿Pink Lantern?
(121) Green Lantern a.k.a. Pink Lantern...
(122) Will green lantern become pink lantern now that#GreenLanternIsGay
(123) green lantern will now be known as the 'hot pink lantern'
(124) Green Lantern or Pink Lantern??? #DCFail
(125) I'm waiting for the Pink Lantern spoofs any second now.
(126) Alan Scott, the Pink Lantern #GreenLantern
(128) the one who changed outfits to be Pink Lantern, like Spiderman did to the black one? Too obvious? Too cliched?
(129) Thank You! My family will not watch or support GL if this happens! Maybe it should be the pink lantern!
(130) Since #GreenLanternIsGay will he be called pink lantern now?
(131) So do I call him the Pink Lantern now?
(133) So is the Green Lantern going to become the Pink Lantern now that he's out? #tcot #resist44
(134) Ahora conocido como PINK LANTERN
(135) What's the world coming 2?? The Green Lantern is gay now??? So what he gonna B now? The "Pink" lantern?? UGH!
(136) Well he should be the PINK Lantern, now, shouldn't he? HAHAHA, ha ha, hey guys . . .? Get it
(137) Shouldn't it be pink lantern if he is gay? Or maybe purple. The thing is this cartoon was never about sex. #forcing acceptance
(138) hmmm is that the reason why he's green???? Why not change it to pink lantern? That's more exciting.
(139) De ahora en adelante ya no va a ser Green Lantern, ahora seráPink Lantern
(140) WTF. Green Lantern is GAY?! Is he a Pink Lantern or a RainbowLantern now? #GaySlur
(141) #greenlantern turns gay. I think its time to change his name to pinklantern!
(142) should change to pink lantern then
(143) The Green Lantern is now known as the pink nightlight #SeeWhatYouDid
(144) more like pink nightlight!
(145) DC Comics chooses to rewrite The Green Lantern as a homosexual. Rumored they will change his name to The Pink Nightlight.
(146) L0L @ the green lantern being gay now. WTF? This fool said he gon be known as the pink nightlight now ...haha
(147) The Green Lantern? More like The Pink Lantern or Pink Nightlight.
(148) Someone just had a Major Freudian slip in regards tO #AlanScott"Did you hear about the #PinkLantern #GreenLantern ?" so eMbarrassed
(149) Y ahora #GreenLantern será #PinkLantern o cómo?
(150) Your sexuality is finally validated by corporate marketshares- rejoice!#pinklantern
(151) DC Comics messing with nearly 50 years of comic tradition. Green Lantern is now Pink Lantern. Sorry, couldn't help it.


1.  My favorite is probably that last one, #151. I like how he "couldn't help it"-- he's like James Brown, being held back by his entourage.  If you're going to be an unfunny bigot on Twitter, at least be the James Brown of Unfunny Twitter bigots, I figure.

2.  Second-favorite?  I'd go with #72-- "Green Lan....PINK Lantern."  I like that little dance of the seven veils Salome over there did, before revealing the Prestige of the awesomest joke ever that Pink Lantern surely is.

3.  #84...

4.  Pink jokes essentially refer to a practice of the Nazi Party, who forced homosexual men to wear pink triangles before exterminating them in concentration camps-- a symbol that the homosexual community only later reclaimed in defiance of this attempted mass-genocide.

5. There were a few people who went with Chartreuse Lantern jokes. There were even more jokes about Green Lantern being helpless against wood--but I approve of those in that they refer to boners. Gay or straight, bonerz are pretty hilarious, if you think about it. They're just so hopeful.


6.  I think what I learned from this, more than anything, is how Twitter has reduced humanity into a Zucker Brothers set-piece-- you know, like in Airplane 2 where you'd see all the different newscasters around the world responding to some wacky bit of tomfoolery?  Whenever a tweet is in another language, it's basically just that Zucker Brothers routine for me, albeit one enacted by Nazi-sympathizing homophobes.




Harbinger #1
By Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans, Ian Hannin
Published by Valiant

It will be almost impossible to tell if this comic is a coherent, entertaining read if you happen to have read those first few original Harbinger issues, and if you're a certain age, you absolutely did read those first few original Harbinger issues: along with Dr. Dre's The Chronic and that comic where Neil Gaiman's Death character put a condom on a banana, Harbinger was delivered house-to-house in an outreach attempt to make sure all comics readers owned a comic featuring an unlikeable overweight female protagonist that was constantly treated like shit. It isn't that Josh Dysart's new stab on Harbinger is a straight up retelling of that particular masterwork--some parts are a little more complicated, while some parts are little more convoluted--but that there's so many bits and pieces pulled in that the comic becomes a series of leapfrogs between a bunch of moments that kinda-happened-that-way. It's a queasy experience, unhelped by art that, even at its best, is absolutely horrible.

The Incredible Hulk #8
By Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon, Frank Martin
Published by Marvel

As has been pointed out by Tim O’Neil, this issue of Hulk is the movie Crank, repurposed as a dumb Hulk comic bewilderingly drawn by Steve Dillon, an artist who seems to be cheekily registering his understandable disgust with writer Jason Aaron--who has never met a Preacher subplot he could resist ripping off--by refusing to draw the Hulk any taller than 5’10, making parts of this comic wholly dependent on coloring, which is a bad idea in and of itself. And while some might complain that hey, the movie Crank has already been badly ripped off in one of those terrible post-Ennis Punisher Max stories, it’s a somewhat futile protest, as the movie Crank was basically the movie Speed, with Jason Statham's forehead encompassing all the craziness of Dennis Hopper combined with the crackerjack personality of a bus. But hey, "character has to do some action repeatedly or: consequences" is probably one of those proto-stories that Joe Campbell talked about, back when Joe Campbell's name meant more than "the guy Star Wars fans bring up when they want to feel like the last twenty years weren't spent in the service of a filling the coffers of a tinpot megalomaniac, born without a human chin." Honesty break: the Punisher's stupid beard has totally grown on me!

Godzilla #1
By Duane Swierczynski, Simon Gane, Ronda Pattison
Published by IDW

One of the nicer thing about making Godzilla comics has to be that there’s nobody who is ever going to give you a hard time for doing a bad job, because it’s a Godzilla comic, and how good could it ever be anyway? He’s a monster that knocks over buildings and sometimes breathes fire. Sure, there’re a few thesis papers fans out there obsessed with the atomic-panic aspects of the original story, but learning how to ignore the psychotics is one of the many jobs of today’s itching-towards-mainstream creative types, it's jostling up there with “craft desperate pleas for attention in the guise of a professional manifesto” and “be a useless piece of shit constantly.” See, Godzilla comics just have to feel like they’re a better way to spend one’s Godzilla-related time than playing the video game Rampage or watching that Matthew Broderick movie. That’s all they have to be, because unlike a Spider-Man fan, or a Star Trek obsessive, American Godzilla fans have never had it that good, and are therefore in a choice position of expecting very little. That aside, this may still not be what they’re looking for: Godzilla seems to be cast as the story’s villain—I don’t know if that’s against the rules. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a funny, entertaining, and extremely well drawn piece of entertainment. Building said entertainment mostly off the work of Simon Gane, an artist who has been around long enough to have a  Tom Spurgeon article on his resume, the comic's story is free to detonate a cliche on nearly every page. There's a gay marriage that ends in a former mercenary renouncing his vow of pacifism for the sake of revenge for the loss of his family, friends, and fiance—who dies in his arms. And that isn't even the issue's main character, just a bit of opening texture that is returned to on the final page, when the actual main character--a Bruce Willis/Lee Marvin/Jason Statham hybrid--calls him up in a get-the-team-back-together moment tuned so loud you can practically hear writer Duane Swierczynski laughing in the background. It's a nice start, and like most off-brand comics, that's probably all it will be. But get real: everybody knows how this story is gonna play out, and ain't nobody allowed to be disappointed by how predictably a Godzilla story plays out.

Fantastic Four #606
By Jonathan Hickman, Ron Garney, Jason Keith
Published by Marvel Comics

This is the “Fantastic Four does the movie Innerspace” comic, but without a scene where a male character finds his own baby and looks at it. It’s a great example of Today in Comics, actually--a well-told done-in-one that rewards a second read. It’s also not that interesting, overly serious, and derives its emotional resonance from the fact that they’re still using the same character as a mailman as they did back in the 1960s. Suck on that lollipop for a second: they don’t even have the stones to let the Fantastic Four’s elderly mailman die. Like, what if those people at MTV Geek are right? What if Willy Lumpkin, the fictional character, is alive, and he's being made to get up and prance around, endlessly delivering the mail to a building that's endlessly under attack? What if he finally had gotten a chance to sleep, the kind of sleep that is forever, the kind of sleep any Fantastic Four fan or creator would be willing to provide a sick dog, and then all of a sudden he was woken up by a smiling Ben Fucking Grimm and that smug ass Reed Richards piece of shit and they said, "Well, here's one more you owe us! Better get out there and deliver the goddamned mail, you never-gonna-get-to-die old man!" That's not what heroism is about, people. That's not what Marvel Comics used to be about. It is what it's gonna be like for Stan Lee though, and that's kind of great, actually. Like, he's gonna bite it, and we'll have to sit through some really obnoxious speechifying--at this point, he's definitely gonna be in the Oscar reel, you can rest assured Disney is gonna make that happen--and Groth or somebody like Groth will write some hardcore collar-tugging type of essay taking his mourners down a peg, but then, the first Marvel movie that comes out after they've slid what's left of his gutsleeves into whatever above ground mausoleum pool they've got planned for folks of his stature, you're gonna see his holographic image thrown up alongside whatever the fourth Thor sequel is called, dancing a jig like he's Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout. That's that guy's future, that's Willy Lumpkin's present, and they're gonna pay for it with our cash. Not mine, of course. I'm an INDUSTRY TREASURE.

(Cartoon courtesy of Nate Bulmer at Eat More Bikes)

28 Responses to If I Had A Nickel For Every Time You Threatened To Kill Yourself, I Could Afford To Hire A Clown To Kill Your Entire Family

  1. Joe McCulloch says:

    Yeah, they just did a Chartreuse Lantern joke on Letterman last night; glad they took the high road.

  2. Michael Grabowski says:

    That was awesome. The only way that could be better would be as an audio clip of every single Twit reading his comment out loud, and each of them being forced to listen to the entire montage.

  3. Jess Nevins says:

    Good god, you mean most of the people on Twitter, like most people altogether, engage in cliche? STOP THE PRESSES–HUMANITY IN CLICHE-RIDDEN SHOCK HORROR

    Don’t blame the medium. People were saying uninteresting, bigoted cliched rubbish like this long before Twitter was around. Twitter just gives them a new forum for their dull, stupid thoughts.

    People have always been bigoted and stupid. The fault, if any, lies in you for reading these people.

  4. Red Scharlach says:

    Good of you to buck the trend.

  5. The Punisher’s beard still doesn’t work for me at all because instead of looking like a psycho who shoots people he looks like he should be making my coffee. But maybe this is just a sign that I am old.

  6. Jon Morris says:

    Mm, nnnah, I think the fault still lies with the homophobes.

  7. Jim Treacher says:

    no but see lots of people made the same bad joke

  8. Iestyn Pettigrew says:

    I think it makes home look like Matt Wagner’s Mage.

  9. ant says:

    I actually thought those were made up at first, then curiosity got the better of me and I clicked one of the links….Jesus. Okay, how about……”Green Lantern is gay, how about DC get Maurice Vellekoop to draw a few issues, it’d be awesome and 100% better than all the rest of our monthly output COMBINED.” It’s the only way I’d buy a copy anyway.

  10. Allen Smith says:

    So, Willie Lumpkin in going to die? It’s about time the old bastard bit the big one.

  11. Aw He's Sad says:

    …that his tweet didn’t make the cut:

    Tell us more about your novel!

  12. Tony says:

    You’d think someone as meticulous as the Punisher wouldn’t parade around with those conspicuous paint drips.

    And using the same panel twice side by side, Dillon?


  13. michael L says:

    wait, why nightlight though? why is that a thing?

  14. Let’s share David’s Thoughts!

    I’ve missed two weeks worth of these because I was packing up boxes, moving, and unpacking boxes. I’m back now with opinions.

    As for the “new” Green Lantern who happens to be gay, didn’t DC say it would be a big-name iconic character? If you were to ask anyone besides comics fan who the hell Alan Scott is would anyone know? Yeah DC, really iconic, if by iconic you mean, “Let’s grab some headlines by having one of our characters be gay, but don’t make them too popular, and perhaps put it in an alternate world just for kicks too!” This makes me wonder if the normal DC world Alan Scott exists, and what his orientation is. What if he’s a straight guy? What does that say about DC then? Hell, what does it say I’m even wondering about such trivial matters when I could be doing something productive like making a ham sandwich?

    Harbringer? A comic bringing back an old 90s concept instead of creating something new? What is this, DC and Marvel? I kid, DC and Marvel take concepts from the 30s-60s and bring them back into the modern age instead of making something new.

    If they make another Incredible Hulk movie and have it be like Crank that would actually probably be cool. Then again didn’t the 2nd Ghost Rider movie have that film’s directors and suck harder than a vacuum set to max power on shag carpet? Steve Dillon is a great artist, but when he draws actual super-heroes it just looks weird though. Like taking a cute puppy but putting it with a bunch of kittens. The puppy works in certain environments, but when you mix it with kittens you just have one big mess of allergens.

    I want a Godzilla comic full of complex political allegories about imperialism and fear of other countries, atomic power, love, violence, everything. And I want people to buy it and have all of that go over their head because at the end of the day its a FUCKING GODZILLA COMIC! If I buy Godzilla I want to see buildings get smashed and people running while screaming. I love smart comics, but if it has Godzilla in it I just want shit to get toppled. Why? Because I’m an American, and we like it when stuff goes boom! Now give me the controls to a drone so I can fly it into a country that expressly forbid me from doing so, I’m gonna make things go kablooey while screaming the Godzilla roar in my chair!

    The Fantastic Four’s mailman gets to keep on living because they like him enough to use space-age technology on the guy. Meanwhile everyone else in the world doesn’t get the same benefit even though this really old fellow gets special treatment due to knowing some super-heroes. Wow, you really don’t realize how big of a self-serving jerk a super-hero can be. “Forget these starving children, this guy who fixes my T.V. needs my incredible technology used on him to get a boner!” “But couldn’t you use that technology to end war?” “Fuck that, it’s boner time!”

    I’m done for now.

  15. David N says:

    They found a lump in Willie Lumpkin? Christ…

    “by refusing to draw the Hulk any taller than 5’10”

    So that makes the Punisher about Tom Cruise size?

  16. rocketbootsnamsayin says:

    they should adapt this storyline into a movie starring shaq and tom cruise

  17. Chris Jones says:

    I’ve legitimately never heard a better idea.

  18. Cass says:

    I like how Steve Dillon’s MU Punisher bears no resemblance to the one he drew for MAX, while at the same time his Hulk appears to be palette swap of Wilson Fisk from that series.

  19. Alex buchet says:

    Borges fan, are we, Mr S?

  20. joselitus_maximus says:

    He didn’t “blame” twitter.
    He just observed that it looks like that part in Airplane 2 that pokes fun at the cliché scene in the movies where they repeat the same news around the world in various languages.

    “The fault, if any, lies in you for reading these people.”

  21. Thrills says:

    Yeah, I wondered that too. Is it some sort of bizarre homophobic trope that gay people are afraid of the dark, or something?

  22. Shady McShade says:

    “Honesty break: the Punisher’s stupid beard has totally grown on me!”

    Growing on people is what beards do best!

    I just wanted to say I’m kind of amazed by Abhay’s sheer fortitude. Wading nipple-deep into the dregs just to cull those examples is a feat and a testament to an admirably steely resolve most will never know. Just reading them made my head reel and a voice inside me screamed “Make it stop! Make the hurting stop!” and then blood trickled out of my nose and I passed out. You guys are too, too talented in the fine art of digging through shit just to find the shittier shit to prove how shitty shit can be.

    I enjoyed no. 107 because his strong familiarity with the lingo betrays him.

  23. PaulH says:

    So now the hulk has cancer and the Punisher went hippy?

  24. moose n squirrel says:

    I like to think that the rest of that comic is just that last panel repeated over and over again – the two of them, just staring dumbly at each other, forever.

  25. It’s like Fanboy Rampage never died

  26. Maybe it’s the beard, maybe it’s the colouring. But it appears to me that Punisher has his cheeks stuffed like a hamster, possibly with bullets.

  27. Jayhawh says:

    “Awesome! It’s like a Michael Bay movie!”

    Clearly, Michael Bay movies are awesome.

    This might be wrong and stuff, but taking someone’s character and making him gay (“comics gay” that is, where his personal life exists only to be seen kissing his boyfriend, the rest of the time the comics will ignore him and his relationship) is to me like taking someone’s gay character and making them straight.

    Why doesn’t DC just make a new character, make him a really cool interesting character that everyone loves, and make him incredibly famous and popular, and intend him to be gay from the start? Probably for the same reason DC doesn’t make any new cool interesting famous popular character. They alienated and ripped off every person capable of doing that for their company.

    I was hoping their big gay reveal would be the Comedian or Rorschach, or both Nite Owls, from Before Watchmen. Wouldn’t that be an amazing plot twist?

  28. mateor says:

    Hooded Justice was gay. That’s why he liked beating up people.

    It’s right there in the text!

    (It could all be in my mind. I first read Watchmen by chartreuse nightlight.)

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